Times of Malta starts the propaganda of water scarcity

Times of Malta has started the propaganda of water scarcity.

In its article titled ”Desert’ Malta on course to see its driest year ever,’ this media portal tells you that now you need to be frugal with water since less rain is seeping into the water table. Because since they need to make you believe the climate change propaganda, and that it is your fault, now they also want you to make you believe that you are creating another problem which is that of water scarcity. Needless to say, they will offer you their solution.

What is their solution? According to marine biologist Alan Deidun, we need to be frugal with water: “We should conserve water much more and think twice about water-guzzling projects such as car washes.”

According to Deidun, due to the alleged climate change, “Malta is on course to witness its driest year ever, and the island is seeing so little rain it might qualify as a desert.”

Clearly this argument is not au par with that of Dr Muscat, who said that if we do not want to be stuck in traffic, then we must go to the desert. If Malta is now qualified as a desert, then we should not have any traffic, no?

“The dry conditions we are seeing this year are nothing short of incredible; if you consider that autumn is generally the wettest time of the year, there isn’t much hope for much rain in the coming months,” Deidun said. Say it to whoever is spraying our skies and to the Elite, who are controlling the weather and who are deciding for us when it rains and when it doesn’t, creating all this havoc, so that humanity believes that it is the culprit of their induced climate change, so that it complies to any green order!

But TOM cites a 2022 NSO study by Prof Charles Galdes, titled “The State of the Climate” to further make you comply since this study shows that Malta’s average rainfall has decreased by 10.3 mm every decade since 1952. This is affecting local farmers severely, especially wheat farms, which make up of two-thirds of Malta’s agricultural land. The war on your food is real.

This article is the first step in brainwashing the Maltese people that water is going to be scarce. These are agendas of the UN, the WEF and the WHO in which they choose which of which to start as the next boogeyman – climate change or water scarcity.

Dear Maltese readers, what you should grasp by now is that although we are small and rain is not always enough, the Maltese arse licking of the elitists’ governments, have invested in reverse osmosis plants across Malta and Gozo. So, dear government, stop this bullshit narrative and dear media, stop being the mouthpiece of the bullshit narrative of the government.

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