Occult symbols – the Pokemon game (4)

“Now we are also told that these actual beings have supernatural abilities. In other words they can evolve and grow into bigger and better monsters. Now, this is a scene, actually this is a poster from the movie:

And look here. This is Meu over here. He’s kind of cute. And this is Mewtwo over here, complete with his satanic salute. And if you notice that pose is always given with the left hand. That’s significant. Remember the left-hand path. And we’re told that they get bigger and better. Of course, that’s what we always want – bigger and better monsters that’s what the world needs. And we’re told that they get bigger and better through the use of energy. Now, a funny thing happened. Well, actually, it wasn’t funny but an interesting thing happened. When this movie, Pokemon, was actually first released in Japan, I want you to see it, this is is from CNN. Look at this, because this is very highly unusual:

‘Japanese cartoons triggers seizures in hundreds of children.’ And look at this. This is Tokyo, December 17, 1997. This is when the movie was first actually released, over in Japan. ‘The bright, flashing lights of a popular tv cartoon became a serious matter Tuesday evening when they triggered seizures in hundreds of Japanese children. In a national survey, the Tokyo Fire Department, found that at least 618 children had suffered convulsions, vomiting, irritated eyes, and other symptoms after watching Pokemon. Japanese Television Network NHK reported that 111 people were still hospitalized Wednesday morning and now, spokesman Hiroshi Eramoto said that a later broadcast of the show scheduled for thirty other stations nationwide had been cancelled and that an investigation was well underway. We are shocked to hear many children were taken to hospital. Eramoto said ‘We will investigate thoroughly and consult with experts.’

And do you know what they found? Not one of those children had a history of epilepsy. Now, you know, working in the mental health field, for as long as I did, I can tell you that bright, flashing lights will trigger off, in several, in occasion, seizures and convulsions in kids or even adults that are prone to be epileptic. But not in a hundred and so kids who have no seizure problem and no epileptic history. There’s something unusual about that. And they went through and it goes on further to say that they went through and they even did CT scans and the whole premise was that at the end they had to conclude that they don’t know why it happened. Is that by coincidence or did something happen that they can’t explain?”

The lecture can be watched here.

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