“The Rothschilds are one of the most prominent of the top thirteen Illuminati families.

From what I have been told and also from just personal observation, all of the top 13 Illuminati families were involved in the creation of the Monarch slaves. It goes without saying that it is impossible to be a high level Satanist and not have MPD [Monarch Program Descendent]. Any person without MPD would go insane after participating in high level Illuminati rituals. It can’t be stated with certainty that all Illuminati members (by Illuminati, I mean members of the first pyramidal structure) have been through Monarch Programming today, but it can be stated with certainty that they all suffer from multiple personality disorders. This means that the Rothschilds in this country and in Canada and the U.K. have closely collaborated with the highest levels of the intelligence community and the military. Who initiated my phone being tapped? At any rate, the Rothschilds and their satanic power is here in America, and people need to understand that.

The First Great Temple: The Illuminati are building their temples secretly throughout the United States. The last issue of this newsletter described the massive pyramid that has been built at Las Vegas. Pyramids have also been built in San Francisco (the Trans-America building), Chicago, and other eastern places. The San Francisco building was built by people with ties to the Rockefellers. Just north of San Francisco and east of the Bohemian Grove is the Napa Valley of California. Anton LaVey moved to Napa Valley after his split with Aquino. LaVey ran a construction company during the 1910s out of Napa, CA. (As an aside, Anton Lavey’s chief representative in our Portland area is Rex ‘Diablos’ Church, who grew up as Rex Nance in Seaside High School on the Oregan coast. Rex worked at the drug store on Broadway and Holiday at Seaside during high school. Two years after high school, he returned to his hometown with his head shaved and wearing black in Lavey fashion. He had a stripper dressed in black who was a Satanist as his girlfriend for a while in the Portland area. According to Rex’s own words, he grew up in a secret Satanic family and was baptized to Satan as a child. Rex and his Satanic friends have schemed to hurt the Christians. How many of their devious plans have succeeded, I do not know. Also of interest is that Rex lived a good deal with his, what has been reported as Jehovah’s Witness grandparents.) With the Church of Satan feeling comfortable in Napa, it is not surprising that the Baron and Baroness Philippe de Rothschild picked the area to build a secret temple to Satan.

These people have been constructing castles and other large buildings on spiritual ley lines for centuries, so it goes without saying that when the secret temple was built in Napa, that the Icy lines were at least considered in choosing a site. The Baron Rothschild began the construction of a pyramid in Napa Valley, which his wife completed after he died. The pyramid is called Opus One. According to one of the contractors who participated in building the pyramid, the project cost $35 million. The various construction cost reports given to the public have been much less than what this contractor has said was the real cost of the building. The theme of the numbers 3 and 6 throughout the large Opus One pyramid building, as well as the number 666. Also, little circles frequently appear.”

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