Here is what Donnachadh McCarthy of the Climate Cult had to say about the new way to decrease the so-called carbon footprint:

McCarthy: “When my dad was born, there were 1.6 billion people on the planet. When I was born, there were three. There’s now eight, and we’re heading towards 11. What does that mean for the rest of nature?”

Journalist: “What does it mean in the UK when the birth rare is falling here? What does that say about us?”

McCarthy: “It means that women are actually working, they are looking for quality of life, and they don’t want to spend their lives pregnant; they don’t want to spend 12 years of their lives pregnant. But the answer to what does it mean? I just want to draw a circle if I like. So, I’m 64 years of age, and that circle represents all of the wildlife that was on the planet when I was born. Just 64 years ago. And in that time, with the 8 billion of us, that are now there with all the food, wood, transport, and housing, that we need to provide for them, we have destroyed 70% of nature. I just think there’s a moral issue here. Can we pass that on to the next generation?”

Journalist: “I get that. But say you live in Milton Keynes and are watching us this morning; why would that be your responsibility? Are you contributing to that?”

McCarthy: “Every single child in an industrial country like ours is around 500 tons of carbon in their lifetime. That’s equivalent to a thousand years of electricity for a household. So, each child has an impact, and what we’re saying is one is great, two is plenty, and three is selfish.”

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