The Maltese nation surely remembers how Peppi Azzopardi, host of the former propaganda programme Xarabank, had come up stating that he is offering his home to house migrants stuck at sea, urging Maltese families to do the same.

In a Facebook post, Azzopardi said “he had written to the prime minister about this initiative, and asked for families to call him if they are ready to help out” and “that after the migrants underwent the necessary health checks, they would welcome them into their home where they would observe the measures in place to limit the spread of COVID-19.” You, dear citizen, lost your job because you refused to get vaccinated. You, dear citizen, were not allowed in cafeterias, restaurants, and gyms if you refused to get vaccinated. But then the government allowed unvaccinated, illegal migrants in, and gave them a job while die-hard communist thinkers tell you to offer them your home, in which you once were asked to quarantine. This is the way you are abused. This is the way you have been third into third-country nationals in your own homeland. This is a cold genocide being perpetrated on you.

This dangerous thought is now being also held in America and UK. In Britain Homeowners are receiving CPO’s (Compulsory Purchase Orders) so their homes can be redistributed to migrants. On the 12th of January, an old couple, who are law-abiding citizens, who had moved into a new, wonderful home, and settled down, only to receive a compulsory purchase order through a letter from the North Northamptonshire council, which accused them of occupying a derelict home, and that the council can compulsory purchase it. If there are any repairs that have to be done in it, the old couple has to take it off the price of the property, and these properties are for migrants.

When the old couple, who were understandably in shock, went to the Council with the letter, they were told not to worry about it because it was a standard letter. Clearly, in the UK, the authorities have turned their back entirely on the territorial integrity of the country, to the point when it becomes standard to repossess property! And why is it about illegal migrants and not about the indigenous population?

According to an article by the Telegraph, “councils are compulsorily purchasing empty properties to meet a surge in the number of asylum seekers being granted leave to remain in the UK” while the “North Northamptonshire Council apologised for error but blamed pressure to find accommodation on Home Office speeding up claims.”

The interview can be watched here:

In August of last year, Governor Healey pleaded with citizens to lend a hand by opening their homes to illegal migrants as the state’s shelters filled up. The governor stated that between 10 and 30 immigrant families enter Massachusetts each day. Although 40 hotels throughout the state assisted with their housing, the governor appealed with the federal government as well as the American citizen, for assistance. Approximately 5,600 families were presently being housed in the state’s emergency shelter system, according to Governor Healy. That figure had increased by 80% from the year before. The only state in the union with a right-to-shelter statute that ensures impoverished families have access to emergency shelters is Massachusetts. She claims that Massachusetts has been providing these families with assistance for about $45 million a month. The Healey administration thus requested that people open their homes and businesses to assist those in need because the situation is so dire.

Dear readers, by now you should know what it means when you have countries parroting the same narrative. While in UK and in America the narrative is coming from the authorities, in little Malta we had Peppi Azzopardi. This narrative, dear readers, is very dangerous,

Do you see where all this is heading to? Illegal immigration is not only a crisis to each country, becoming an open door for drugs, criminals, and potential terrorists to enter and live in that country, but it also puts a strain on the economy, and on the healthcare, infrastructure, education, and judicial systems. To all this add the loss of property and safe private homes of the indigenous people.

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