For the first time, the Church of England has acknowledged that it might have been “scammed” by asylum seekers who made up a Christian conversion to increase their chances of being allowed to remain in the UK.

Bishop of Chelmsford, Rt Revd Dr Guli Francis-Dehqani, acknowledged that it was “very difficult” to look into the hearts of converts and know for sure that they were sincere.

While acknowledging that there had been a “small number” of reported abuses, she insisted that the clergy “do the best they can” and that the Home Office and immigration tribunals should “ultimately” be in charge of determining the veracity of asylum claims.

Her remarks follow forceful denials by the Church of England of allegations made by prominent Members of Parliament and informants that clergy members have been habitually endorsing “bogus” asylum claims and facilitating the conversion of thousands of asylum seekers into Christians.

Even though Abdul Ezedi, the suspect in the Clapham chemical attack, had two convictions in the UK for sex assault and exposure, he was granted asylum after claiming to have become a Christian.

Despite his apparent conversion, Ezedi, an illegal immigrant, was described by friends to The Telegraph as a “good Muslim” who bought half a halal sheep every two weeks. The Home Secretary, James Cleverly, is examining the case’s facts to determine whether the law needs to be changed to stop these kinds of abuses.

Asked about the role of the Church of England in conversions of asylum seekers, the Rt Revd Francis-Dehqani, an Iranian-born Anglican, said: “We take seriously our responsibilities, but we also know that as Christians, our primary responsibility is one of welcome and hospitality and support and teaching, but we need to do that in a way that is that is wise and, and is aware that occasionally there are people who might try and scam us.”

When asked if she believed that asylum seekers were taking advantage of the system during the BBC Sunday show, she responded, “It’s very difficult to look into people’s hearts ever and be 100%. But we absolutely advise clergy to do the best they can. And I think what’s happening here is that inevitably there will be a small number of cases. But it seems to me that it’s wrong that a very small number of alleged abuses should be highlighted because it’s diverting attention away from the systemic problems, which is that we have an immigration system that’s overwhelmed and inefficient.”

“On Sunday, The Telegraph also revealed judges have raised concerns that some “unquestioning” church leaders were being “duped” by insincere asylum seekers converting to Christianity to avoid deportation.

Judicial decisions highlighted examples of clergymen and lay leaders failing to query the motives of purported converts whose asylum applications they had agreed to support.”

It is too late for this Church to recognize its mistake. It is already abomination to have female, gay and lesbian clergy in it. Now it has realized what it has done, allowing non-Christians to become fake Christians and use and abuse of Christianity to be given asylum. That is what happens when a Church is not truly of Christ but is one of the Snake!

What steps will you, as a Church take now to correct the situation?

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