How were the masses manipulated to accept fluoride poisoning: America vs Europe

A concealed hand operates behind the scenes, manipulating the controls of business, public opinion, and industry. Fluoridation is a scam that is neither safe nor effective. It’s among the largest hoaxes in recorded human history.

Saying that fluoride and tobacco are harmless is a common misconception. Agent Orange poses no threat. DDT poses no risks. Asbestos poses no threat. Genetically modified organisms are safe. Science has a long history of betraying business interests while the populace is steadily being poisoned. Even now, most people still think fluoride is safe for drinking water, and most dentists still think it’s safe to add fluoride to toothpaste and other compounds in different amounts.

The majority of people on the planet do not drink fluoridated water in many countries. The majority of nations do not fluoridate their water. Thirty or so nations continue to fluoridate their water. China, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, Hungary, and Japan are the nations that have outlawed the use of fluoride. These nations had declared that fluoride should not be used because it is, first and foremost, harmful and ineffective. With the exception of a few cities like San Diego, Portland, Oregon, Honolulu, Hawaii, and Wichita, Kansas, fluoridated water is still used in America. Is fluoridated water being rewarded to America? If fluoride is truly beneficial to our teeth, then why do we have so many dental issues?

In 98% of Europe, fluoride is not used. According to a 1989 study at the University of Malta which was published in the Malta Medical Journal, the average fluoride in Malta’s tap water from 19 different tap sources was that of 0.21 ppm. The study thus concluded that fluoride is not added to Malta’s drinking water. Is this the same now? Only eight nations in the world—America, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Israel, Singapore, Malaysia, and Colombia—have more than 50% of their people drinking fluoridated water.

What fluoride-related evidence, then, does Europe possess that the other fluoridation-using nations ignore? In the field of fluoride fraudulent hoax science, for example, why are countries like America and Britain so far behind the times?

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