“They totally ignored and put aside the electrical magnetic vectors of the wave and the harm that the electric and magnetic vectors can do. They put aside all of the harm from the electric and magnetic vectors. Now they interfere with the electrical conductivity of the cells, the electrical conductivity of the neurons, the electrical conductivity of the brain. They interfere with the resonant frequency of their circadian resonance cells, the cyclotronic ions. They interfere with everything. So all of those were brushed aside and we stuck with the 6-minute thermal limit. Sometimes they extend it to 30 minutes, but basically it is a six-minute and that is what is in force today in 42% of the planet of what we are in that part today.

So, you have really no protection against the electric and magnetic vectors and as I said, that is enforced today. That comes from the International Commission for non-ionizing radiation protection, who advised what was our government, scientists – now public health England, who advise governments who advise councils and it comes all the way down and it is still enforced today.

I will be coming on to 5G later. 5G is not new. 5G was causing a nuisance in 1972. The only thing new about 5G is its name: 5th Generation. That’s it. That is the only thing new. It is well-documented. There are many research papers on it.

And finally in 1971, cancer was proven to be caused by low-level microwave radiation and has been kept secret ever since, along with all of the other illnesses and diseases.

In the early seventies, this document was published. It was by the American military. It is top secret, classified top secret, and it lists 2,000 research papers and each of those toom many, many years to construct. 2000 research papers because, in those days the military did the research with the universities. And it covers all of the illnesses which you can expect to get and die from, from continuous low-level radiation. This I think is the most shameful document ever to be published. It is by the World Health Organisation. We pay them to protect us and we trust them to protect us. In 1973, the World Health Organisation had a conference in Warsaw: ‘Biological Effects and Health Hazards of Microwave, Radiation, Below Thermal Radiation which is what you have on your cell phones. 350 pages documenting harm to the ordinary person. A hundred and seven and different chapters. Chapter 40 deals with cancer. I think 28 reproductive faults. But instead of telling the world, I don’t know who made them make the decision, instead of telling the world, it was stamped top secret with a big red top-secret stamp. It still is and you still will not be told about this. They will not admit to it, even today.”

The lecture can be watched and listened to here.

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