How the Maltese media is manipulating you to accept illegal immigration and overburden of south Asian ethnic groups (part four)

Here is another article, again by Newsbook, titled “Uliedna m’għandhomx dar oħra ħlief Malta” – Ahmed Karim.

This was yet another report of yet another propaganda program by yet another mouthpiece of the narrative and propaganda, Andrew Azzopardi. How nice of the church media and the church radio station to team up to push for agendas that are not Christian at all, but they come to you as if they are.

Ahmed Karim Abdul, a migrant who came to Malta by sea and has been living here for several years, expressed concern about the future of his community in light of the events that happened in the last few days, locally. Among these, he referred to the tragedy at sea that claimed the lives of 5 people while they were crossing the Mediterranean and the deportation of Kusi Dismark back to Ghana after 13 years of living and working in ‘Malta as experiences that shocked and placed uncertainty among the community.

During the Andrew Azzopardi program on RTK103, Karim expressed his appreciation for being accepted in Malta, but insisted that migrants need stability as human beings and emphasized that they need “basic rights for our children because they have no other home than Malta, they have no culture other than the Maltese one, and they have no friends except the Maltese; that is to say, we want a future for them who were born here.”

Do you wonder, dear readers, why is it that Europe, America, Canada, and England are the target and not the other way around?

Dear Maltese people, no matter what, still carry empathy for another human being’s suffering. Feel for anyone so that you can survive with dignity. But do not accept and tolerate evil agendas.

There are many more articles by Newsbook about this immigration narrative. And when the media gives a lot of coverage to a narrative, repeatedly, you can bet that it is trying to influence your mind slowly but surely.

Think, dear readers, and do not allow the media to do the talking and the thinking for you, because you must always keep in mind, that when something is good for you, the media will tell you that it is bad; and if something is bad for you, the media will tell you that it is good. So, what do you make of the manipulative articles about illegal immigration by Newsbook and other media portals? Is the media portraying it as beneficial for you or harmful? Once you answer this question, you will know the truth.

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