Barrie Tower on the health hazards of 5G and Wi-Fi: brain tumours

“I will be coming to trees and animals later. But it’s worth mentioning here while I think about it. The scientists will know this. But we all have the same four chemical bases in our DNA. Any tree can read your DNA sequence. The nucleotides won’t do it any good because it doesn’t interest a tree because a tree doesn’t do what we do. But any tree can read your DNA sequence and anything that damages our DNA and if there are any professionals here who would like to know the sequence though the cell, I’ll happily give it to them. Anything that will damage our DNA, will damage all other living species DNA. All of them. Plants and animals. And the figures are showing this. And as far as I know, there are only three living things on the planet that seem impervious to microwaves.

There are, as I said, 48 papers on childhood suicides, which manifests itself quite a lot with cell phones. There are as many papers on breast cancer and I can’t go into the breast cancer now. It is a mammoth topic but I can do questions. I have a picture here which I won’t show but you’re welcome to come and have a look if you wish, of a lady who tucked the cell phone into her bra but breast cancer is a phenomenally high rate among people who carry cell phones in their handbags or have the metal stays in the bra.

And finally, on this little section, a surgeon from Plymouth, a brain surgeon, questioned why the amount of brain tumors he was seeing did not match the amount he was doing. The operations he was carrying out. The brain surgeon challenged these statistics and we looked into this. I had a letter from him and I wrote to him and I sent him a copy of this and our Statistical Office, they take or they did the, and it’s as far as I know it’s still going, they are taking 40,000 brain tumours off these statistics every single year. And it is justified. What they are saying is, ‘the endocrine glands in the brain are not actually grey or while matter.’ We associate the brain with grey or white matter. Therefore, the tumours of the endocrine glands are not brain so we take off the 40,000 cancers a year and this is how it goes on and this is how you get your figures down. But I did say to the doctor surgeon, ‘You work for the NHS. If you try and raise this, I have know to the area health authority, whatever the chief person is called, the chief of the area health authority, I have known one be threatened that she would lose her job in one half of one day if she brought this to anybody’s attention and the other one, that the best thing he could do, was keep quiet and stick to other things’.

You know, we put wi-fi in schools. You can go to any state primary school and they will have twenty wi-fis in the class plus the reuters on the ceiling plus the transmitter and there will probably be iPads as well. And they are all microwaves. What you are not told and if you are a school governor or a decision-maker, what you are not told when you put these in front of our five-year-olds or even four-year-olds these days, what you are not told is that the wi-fi in your classroom or y our children’s or grandchildren’s classroom or their bedroom, the wi-fi is in the same category for danger. The World Health Organization International Agency for Research on Cancer: they are in the same category exactly the same as mercury, lead, DDT, benzene, which is the smell from petrol you get, exhaust fumes from cars, HIV type 2, and chlorophyll – the same.”

The lecture can be watched and listened to here.

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