Dr. Terry Mortenson on why the theory of evolution is a fraud and a lie (part three)

“In 1981, Richard Leakey, at the time as director of the Kenyan National Museums, he is a very famous evolutionist and an atheist and he wrote a book entitled The Making of Mankind to explain to the general public where man came from. And in that book he said: ‘We can now say that the Australpithecines definitely walked upright.’ So, is there any doubt in his mind about this? No, they definitely walked upright. Well, that was 1981. But in 1982, he was up in London speaking at the Royal Institution, a very famous science institute, and there was a reporter from the New Scientist magazine who went to the lecture. Now the New Scientist is a weekly magazine published in Great Britain that summarizes the technical scientific literature for the general public so that we can stay informed on what’s going on in science. And it is evolutionist in orientation.

The reporter tells us: ‘And Leakey points out that paleontologists do not know whether Australpithecus walked upright. ‘Nobody has yet found an associated skeleton with a skull,’ he says.

Well, now that’ s interesting. I wonder how many who read the book, read that article or were at the lecture. The article goes on to quote Leakey: “‘I am staggered to believe that as little as a year ago I made the statements that I made.’ So said Richard Leakey, before the elegant audience of a Royal Institution evening discourse last Friday. He had come to reveal that the conventional wisdom, which he had so recently espoused in his BBC television series The Making of Mankind, was ‘probably wrong in a number of of crucial areas.'”

Now, you see the BBC realized not enough people have read or will read that book. So, we have to make a documentary so that more people will know what’s in that book. But now Leakey tells us that he was probably wrong in a number of crucial areas. Not tiny, little insignificant points. Crucial areas. I wonder how many people who read the book or watch the documentary were at the lecture to hear that.

“In particular, he now sees man’s oldest ancestor as being considerably younger than the 15-20 million years he plumped for on television. Leakey says that the basis on which paleontologists classify fossil apes and humans is misleading, and he would like to see an entirely fresh episode of classifying.”

Well, that was 1982.”

The lecture can be watched here.

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