In this series, the topic of the harm of 5G and Wi-Fi will continue to be tackled, after it has already been touched upon in other blogs. Barrie Tower is a microwave weaponry expert, and in this lecture, done at Exeter in the UK, he diligently exposed the plethora of peer-reviewed empirical studies, that prove that all wireless technology causes non-ionising radiation sickness, which often results in flu-like symptoms and sometimes death.

“I just like to say a couple of things before I start, please. There are people who don’t like talking in front of other people. If you have any questions or you wish to see any research that I have used, there is nothing to stop you. I’m in the libertine phonebook, Newton Abbot. There’s nothing to stop you and I know some people here, and they have been out to my house. Nothing to stop you ringing me out, saying, ‘Hey, Barrie, can we pop out for a cup of coffee? Look at this, discuss this, and there’s no problem with that.” It goes on all the time. I’ve had five people this week. There’s no problem at all with that.

Anything I say, I have documentary evidence for. I can’t bring it all here. I’ve used 1700 papers to compile this and my last talk, but you’re welcome to come and look at them and criticize them and say, ‘Can I have a copy of this? and take it away for whatever you want to take it away for.’ But I don’t say a single word unless I have documentary evidence. Now, my aim is not to upset anybody, but some of the things I say, can.

Between 1949 and 1962, everything we needed to know about microwaves was known and published. By 1962, all of the dangers, all of the hazards, everything was known, and when I say all of them, the – between the superpowers and us, the brain at that time had been studied for brain waves and microwaves could be used to penetrate the brain and cause behavioural changes, and by 1962, with the resonance frequencies of the organs, the brain, the cyclotronic resonance frequencies, circadian resonant frequencies, a statement was made in 1962 by the governments that the birth defects, all birth defects, organs, whole organisms, all cells, brain function. All emotions, all moods, could be altered, changed, and destroyed by 1962. Microwaves then, as now were used as stealth weapons before they became cellphones.

In 1965, the use of cellphones by the military was used. I had them. By 1965, the prospect of cellphones and everything from cellphones was seen as a really, really lucrative market for the general public, and knowing the dangers that cellphones could cause, the military are exempt. You do not have, in the military, when you sign any danger that comes your way for using whatever, that’s it – you don’t have any recourse for that. But the general populations do. And the military and the industry of several countries, the United States, Canada, us [Britain], some of the NATO countries, Australia, and New Zealand – the people got together and they knew the cellphones and all the other gadgets you have today, they knew they would not be allowed under the current safety limits. And we needed a safety limit that could never be taken to court, and never challenged if these things were to progress.

And in 1965 they adopted an old 1953 thermal level by an engineer by the name of Chuan and in order to prevent being taken to court, the industries and the people who make the decisions, they adopted the Chuan 1953 level which basically says if a certain weight of your tissue, either 10grams or a kilogram, depending which way you are going, does not heat up by a certain temperature in six minutes, then everything will be deemed safe for a lifetime’s exposure for adults, women, children, pregnant women, everybody.

And the six minutes thermal level is the one that is still used today.”

The lecture can be watched and listened to here.

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