British MP Andrew Bridgen was expelled from the Torty Party when he compared COVID-19 vaccines to the holocaust, accused of breaching lobbying rules.

Here he is in an interview on GBN news, calling on the government to halt the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines. He said that these vaccines have had more adverse reactions than all other adverse reactions recorded by the United Kingdom in forty years!

Andrew Bridgen: “It’s clear that these the rollout of these mRNA experimental vaccines should be suspended.” “I’m not anti-vax. I’m double vaxxed with AstraZeneca, but I’ve looked at the evidence as it’s come out around the side effects and harms and I think the the matters actually now the evidence is overwhelming, you know. We’ve had over half almost half a million yellow card adverse events. That’s that’s more yellow card adverse events on mRNA vaccines than all the yellow card issues of the last 40 years. This is really significant. We’ve got unexplained excess death rates, um, cardiac arrests increasing in the under forties, um, and no one seems to want to talk about it. What we do know as well is that we’ve not had normal scientific analysis of the efficacy, uh, and effectiveness of the vaccines because that was banned when they came out. Anyone who questioned the efficacy or the safety was shut down. That’s not the way science works, Laurence. Science has to work by challenge.”

Interviewer: “What’s turned it around for you? What’s made you come over to this side of the conversation that, you know, I live on personally that GB News doesn’t represent, but that’s my view. What what’s brought you around?”

Andrew Bridgen: “Well, it’s not about politics. I’m considered this, um, hard right winger by most people in parliament. But this issue, when you’re talking about the health of the population and when when policy is now to extend these experimental vaccines to children of the age of 6 months where all the evidence from America testing on under 5 show that 1 in 100 will be seriously hospitalized over this. It’s not about right or left. This is about right and wrong. —It is about right or wrong. You should not be throwing jabs in 6 month old children. — The esteemed cardiologist, doctor Asim Malhotra, produced a paper which he presented in parliament 3 months ago. It’s been all around the world. Uh, it’s had lots of coverage here and in the USA. There’s been no scientific rebuttal of his claims that the vaccines are no longer effective. Uh, they’re no longer necessary because of, you know, the virus attenuated itself uh, a year ago to become the omicron variant, which is a bad cold for most people. Uh, you’d have to vaccinate 7,300 over to prevent 1 COVID death. But when you’ve got, by Pfizer’s own figures, 1 in 800, severe adverse events, The harm you’re doing by the vaccination is greater than than the good. The the risk benefit even for over eighties is the wrong side of the equation. And for anyone under 40, um, in countries like, well, Denmark, a very sensible country, they’ve banned all vaccinations and boosters for anyone under 50. They’ve looked at the risk benefit of the vaccine.”

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