“The second most shameful document, I think, is this one, which was published between 1972 and 1976. The final part was 1976. It is from the US Defense Intelligence Agency, and the document says if the more advanced nations of the West, which is us, are strict in the enforcement of exposure standards there could be unfavourable effects on industrial outputs—industrial outputs is profit—and military function. In other words, what they wanted us to do was set a level of radiation, for the NATO countries, set a level of radiation that would not be strict. Hence, we came in with the six-minutes thermal level that is still in place today and what councils are advised to adhere to.

At that time the World Health Organization, again what they didn’t tell you on their websites, or on their what they had on these days, 80% of the published papers linked cancer to low-level microwaves:

And the others who had neurological damage, birth defects, there was no secrets among the decision-makers then and every so often, when generally a new G comes out, one of the new makes of the cell phone, the International Commission for non-ionizing radiation protection, they put out an addendum to their original report which clears the way for whichever generation it is coming out. There’s a new one coming out in a couple of days to clear the way for 5G. This is the original or copy of the original International Commission document and it is of interest to decision-makers – all decision-makers, because I think I’m not legally trained and I cannot understand people when they talk to me, who are legally trained. But I will give you my interpretation of this and this is for council decision-makers and all other decision-makers.

They actually say in this, that their recommendations are guidelines. They are not law. You do not have to adhere to them. They are guidelines. They say they only consider involving the heating of tissue. They go on to say, for example, children, the elderly, and some chronically ill people, may have a lower tolerance for one or more forms of these microwaves than the rest of the population. They will be deemed sensitive.

And then, they say on page 547 of this one, in practice, the critical steps in applying these general procedures may differ across the spectrum. Several steps in these procedures require scientific judgments. For example, on reviewing the scientific literature and determining an appropriate reduction factor, in other words in my simply brain, if you are told that something is dangerous, as a decision-maker, you have the authority to say ‘This says this level will cause this. I am instructed to reduce the level to a point that is deemed safe’. You do not have somebody walk into your school or somewhere and say ‘Sign here. These are radio waves. We’ve had radio waves for a hundred years. No problems’. And then zoom! There’s a transmitter and you come back a week later and like Lego, some other people have gone dong dong doodle and if just a mass of things that you don’t understand. And nobody will tell you what they are, anyway.”

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