“Dream catcher. These things in Indian lore are supposed to filter out, catch, and filter out bad dreams. Do you know what they actually do? They actually filter in the bad dreams. I talked to a lady about a month ago on the phone who was very upset. Her child had been given one of these dream catchers as a play thing over the baby’s crib and put it on over the baby’s crib, thinking it was going to filter out the bad dreams. This baby would not sleep for three straight months. Three months, this baby could not sleep and I mean they would be waken up in the middle night with him screaming and dad would go in and hold him. And mum would go in and hold him. And it wouldn’t work. They lay him down in the crib and they go back to bed and the baby would start screaming again. I told them ‘remove this thing; get that thing out of your house, it’s cursed.’ She did. She prayed for the blood of Jesus over it. Said she’s casting out of her life, cast it out. The next night she said the baby slept perfectly. These things are designed for another purpose other than what they tell you they’re designed for. In other words, what they say is one thing. What they actually do, is something else.

I think though that you can see how subtle this whole stuff is. I mean, if Satan can get this stuff in jewelry and get us to wear it around our neck thinking that it represents good fortune or you know good luck or charm and everything else like that, and we go about wearing it, I mean what better way for him to get a foothold in our life?”

The lecture can be watched here.

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