Occult symbols – Pokemon and Mewtwo

“Now a lot of things come over from the Orient. And some things have a big impact on us and some things don’t. I can’t think of anything that came over from the Orient that actually had a big impact or a phenomenon type craze other than Godzilla but there is something new that’s come over to the United States and has actually captured the minds and the imagination of every single child. And you know what, it’s not new at all. Japanese kids have been watching these things since 1995. It started out as a cartoon, went to a comic book. They made it into a video game. It went to toys; a collectable card game. Now, praise God, there is even a movie on it. And it was started in 1995. It’s not new. But it’s new to kids. And they are eating it up and it’s called Pokemon. It stands for Pocket Monster. And it even made the cover of Time magazine.

Now the first thing I want you to notice is – do you notice any symbol up there that you’ve seen before? The Spiral and it stands for what? Male fertility. Now this thing is actually called Poliwhirl but they actually had another name for it before they renamed it. When this creature first came out it was called Hypno. And they changed it to Poliwhirl to make it a little more innocent. But you see what it actually does is it is supposed to mesmerize and hypnotize its enemies. And you can see how that would happen. That starts spinning around and it’s just like one of those hypnotic wheels that they use to hypnotize. And you see up here in the top, here’s a creature, an allegator-type creature over here, a dragon, kind of a funny duck thing down here, and this is an interesting character over here.

This character over here is called Mewtwo.

And Mewtwo looks like an alien. If you look at him real carefully, he looks like an alien. But you know, the first thing that I noticed about that thing is, when I looked at it, and I looked at those eyes, I said ‘you know what? That kind of looks like the things that we used to pray inside that circle.’ Now you notice that he has a particular salute that he’s giving. And he’s in this pose. Every time you see Mewtwo, he’s in this pose. Now he has three fingers and those three fingers are always sticking out like that. Now, he doesn’t have five fingers like we do. He has three. But if they were the three on us, they’d be this:

And that doesn’t mean ‘hook them horns’; it doesn’t mean ‘I love you’, it doesn’t mean ‘one more’, it means ‘Hail Satan’. It’s the satanic salute that all Satanists identify themselves with.

And it says here, look here, it says “For many kids it’s now an addiction – cards, video games, toys, a new movie, is it bad for them?” What we need to look at is whether or not that particular statement holds true. Is it bad for them?”

The lecture can be watched here.

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