Instead of condemning the sharing of the video, which showed Fr. Raymond getting upset during mass with a passive congregation drunk in hypnosis, liberal Lovin Malta decided to spread the video far and wide as one of its reels.

Liberal Lovin Malta captioned their reel as:

“A Maltese priest lost it at churchgoers when they failed to sing during the liturgy. During his outburst, he said that in his mass, he’s the “president,” and he invited anyone who wanted to complain about him to do so directly to his face. The seemingly fed-up priest ended his rant by saying “Għax Ġbajt” a popular Maltese saying for “I’ve had enough.”. We’ve all had our bad days… Can you relate to this priest’s frustration?”

What’s wrong with a priest getting upset and scolding a passive, non-celebrant congregation? Can’t a priest, who is also human, get upset now? Father Raymond got upset out of love and respect because he felt hurt by the way the congregation was responding during mass. Father Raymond got upset because he cares because he expects seriousness during his mass and avid participation. He didn’t do anything to be laughed at. It’s society that’s failing, not him. If he was preaching and everyone was there just to say they went to church, he has every right to be pissed. What’s the point of going if we are not interested or if we are only there to gossip? What a shame on all those people and Facebook pages that shared this video!

Why does the liberal media always have to make fun of priests, albeit in the above caption, Lovin Malta tried to mellow down the message it wants to convey? The answer is clear. The church has been under attack from the inside and the outside for years now, and it is now in its final stages. God warned us of this. He warned us of people who “will maintain the outward appearance of religion but will have repudiated its power.”

Anyone who knows me has probably heard me say many times that the church, particularly in Malta, will be in crisis for a long time. But despite the writing on the wall, we carry on as if nothing ever happened. Rather, we keep playing the game! We have already begun to experience empty churches, a lack of vocations, and priests who have given up because, understandably, they are demoralized.

This video of Fr. Raymond that circulated yesterday does not show that the church is heading towards a crisis, but that the members of the church need help. Priests are not being appreciated, and they are truly under pressure, with the remaining few trying to juggle with the masses and any other role that is required of them. And the supposedly Christian people have their hands full with these videos, because the hypocritical Christians are like that and chatter like monkeys. We are forgetting what is central. Christ, who was able to silence the waves, is also able to get us out of every crisis, and He does this when we ask Him to help us, when we let Him lead us, when we are authentic and formed in His image.

How I wish that the world would find God again.

While showing my solidarity with Fr. Raymond, and albeit I believe that there will come a time when people will beg God for mercy, I believe that no evil can prevail and win over God and that, as Christ had stated, “the gates of hell shall not prevail against the Church” (Matthew 16:18).

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