In another blog, I referred to the fact that the British government has announced the legal ban on XL bully breeds, which will come into force on December 31st. I mentioned this in order to ask the Labour government if something is being done about the breeding of dogs in Malta, specifically the breeding of bully breeds.

Before I get misunderstood or have some mental midget jump into conclusions, I am not against bully breeds or any breed, albeit I believe that there are some man-made breeds which are truly painful to watch, like flat-faced breeds which find it hard to breathe well, especially in hot or humid temperatures. It is not true that bully breeds are aggressive. Unfortunately, they carry that stigma. A dog is made aggressive by his owner. No dog is born such. But irresponsible breeding where earning money is the sole reason, is making these breeds a current issue. The local Animal Welfare shelter is full of them because many were abandoned because they were bred and sold by irresponsible breeders to irresponsible owners. Unfortunately, they are overlooked and their adoptions are very slow. It is heartbreaking and unfair. Hence why I pointed to this British law so that something locally is done TO PROTECT all dogs.

But, as I will highlight in this blog, this law that the British government has come up with IS NOT PROTECTING this breed at all.

I wonder if any legislation of this kind will improve the situation. But as usual, the government puppets have learnt the modus operandi of their puppeteers – problem-reaction-solution. And by now we all know that their solutions create more chaos. However, for the sake of the welfare of animals, I always pray that laws and their enforcement will protect them.

In a nutshell, people were given a choice: either to get the exemption certificates, pay the fees, do the required training and insurance, neuter the dog and keep it or they can get 200 pounds (if not mistaken) for opting out for putting the dog to sleep. Those who decide to keep their XL bullies need to muzzle them in public despite the dog showing no signs of aggression. The picture below shows the utter cruelty that the British government is doing to these dogs and my heart goes out for them and their owners:

No adoptions of this breed is allowed after the given date, that is that of 31st of December. I am guessing shelters would need to decide what they are going to do with these dogs. You can read more in length about this here.

Thankfully, vets reduced the fees for neutering to help people to obtain the licenses which was super and many owners have done that.

Sadly, some owners left it till the last minute to abandon their dogs which means that that they have left no chance for them to be expatriated to Scotland or rehomed. To have these owners and Rishi Sunak and all the press shedding bad light on the breed is so evil. There are so many dog attacks but it’s only ever bull breeds (which make up 2% of the attacks) that get banned!! I’m praying that the case filed will be fruitful and hoping that the shelters will wait (as they are allowed to do if the licenses are obtained) for the case to end. Keep praying. Thinking of this and having to write about this is so heart breaking. My heart cannot cope with the lives that will be lost. Power is an ugly thing when it’s in the wrong hands. I am so glad that I am just temporarily passing through this world. I cannot take the suffering of innocents.

According to an article by the Guardian, after the government announced this impending ban, some people handed in XL bully dogs, with some requesting them to be put down.

“At a parliamentary evidence session before the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Efra) select committee, witnesses said vets and animal rehoming centers could become inundated by people seeking to offload the dogs before a ban.

Dr David Martin, group head of animal welfare for IVC Evidensia, a global veterinary care provider, said that they were already getting clients presenting dogs asking for them to be euthanised because they’re concerned about the effects of a ban. He said that in many cases, people were concerned about how owning a prohibited dog may affect a housing contract or tenancy agreement. ‘There is a risk these dogs will be dropped off or abandoned outside veterinary practices,’ he said. He added that “a number of vets would be uncomfortable destroying healthy animals at the request of their owners. ‘We are allowed to refuse to euthanise a healthy animal under our code of conduct and as a business, we support all our vets who refuse to euthanise a healthy animal. So I think we’re going to have significant problems,’ he said.

An expert from the RSPCA, which opposes a ban, said they had concerns about the emotional impact on staff caring for dogs that could be killed after being outlawed – the organisation estimates it has 110 dogs in its care that could be affected.”

I truly hope that veterinarians will step forward and firmly oppose the idea of ending the lives of these remarkable dogs. 2024 is going to be an incredibly challenging year for numerous rescue organisations that specialise in these particular breeds. Sadly, they will no longer have the option to find loving homes for these unfortunate dogs, ultimately resulting in the heartbreaking decision to euthanise these kind-hearted souls. But I hope that they find a solution, like relocating them outside the UK. As this post shows:

The sanctuary Carla Lane Animals in Need Liverpool has also put up this post which is a small feat:

We are blaming people for stigmatizing certain types and breeds when the whole government is showing to the nation that is ok to do so. This is so sad and pathetic.

There are times when I see no hope in this world. In Malta, the Animal Welfare ministry is dormant and does little, if anything, to safeguard animals from abuse, without forgetting the 9 bully breeds that were euthanised from the same ministry, while in Britain, the government has put the bully breeds on a death row. All this is confirming to me that we are being governed by dehumanized, heartless, order-following monsters that have lost all critical thinking, the ability to reason and feel, and who do not think twice to weaponize anyone, including animals, to get their way.

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