Here is a poem in memory of the bully breeds who will be euthanized because of the heartless and demonized British government, which was being shared on Facebook. I am not aware who wrote it as there was no indication whatsoever. So, I am just copying and sharing:

“There I lay asleep on the floor,

Then all off a sudden there was a knock on the door.

A man came in holding a lead,

He said I might be a dangerous breed.

Mammy was crying, daddy looked sad,

What had I done?? Had I been bad??

I was taken to kennels, scared and alone,

I didn’t know I would never go home.

The man came to get me and we went into a room.

I didn’t know it would happen that soon.

The man stroked my head and I wagged my tail.

He said he was sorry, he said he had failed.

The vet walked towards me with a tear in his eye, It wasn’t his fault that I had to die.

When will they see its the deed not the breed?

When will they punish the right end off the lead?”

To all the dogs in the world who are at our mercy and are becoming victims of the demonized ‘governments’ and ‘humanity’, I say ‘I am sorry’.

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