“The joy of cooperating in the urgent needs of the Church goes hand in hand with the pride of carrying out a meritorious work for our country as well, because it is only through the sanctifying action of the Sacraments and the Holy Mass that the Italian people will be able to rediscover the pride of their faith and find the courage to resist the subversive project now underway. But in order for this to be possible, good and holy priests are needed who are not subjected to the blackmail of having to accept the errors of Vatican II or the deviations of Bergoglio in order to exercise their ministry. If you think of the few clergy of the former Ecclesia Dei Institutes, or of the secular and regular priests scattered throughout the Dioceses and Religious Orders, you can easily understand why today an institute of independent clerical formation is more indispensable than ever: not because independence is to be pursued in itself, but because the abuse of authority on the part of the Vatican and diocesan Bishops effectively prevents any authentically Catholic and truly traditional pastoral activity.

At this rite today we have four priests of Familia Christi and two seminarians present. Their past history should serve as an example of this systematic persecution that the Bergoglian Church is waging against anyone who deviates from the avowedly antitraditional line of this “pontificate.” These priests have had the opportunity to understand first-hand the absolute falsity of the alleged parrhesia so praised by Bergoglio. And I can testify that the persecution they suffered gave them the opportunity to understand that no compromise can be accepted, least of all in doctrinal, moral and liturgical matters. But how many other priests, how many parish priests, how many monks and friars, how many young vocations remain isolated and sterile, because there is no refuge to welcome and assist them?

For this reason, I am sure that all of you will be able to seize the opportunity that is given to you, each according to his or her own means, both spiritual and material, to contribute to the work of Exsurge Domine. In this regard, St. John Chrysostom also admonishes those whom the Lord has made rich, reminding them of the task they have of making themselves cooperators in the magnificence of God, of being in some way stewards of His goods, created and granted not to nourish selfishness and the lust for power, but in harmony with the divine order, for the glory of the Most Holy Trinity and for the Good of souls.”

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