Do you remember the speech of Dr. Bill Deagle, who warned us decades ago about what they wanted to do with us via vaccines?

Here he is telling us about chemtrails and their ingredients. Please note that Dr Bill Deagle was a former military doctor too. For example, in a 2006 Granada Forum lecture and his 2008 interview with Project Camelot, he discussed, Schriever AFB underground facilities and US Air Force Space Command secret space program activities. You can watch him here.

Here he is giving information about chemtrails and their ingredients decades ago. I am sure that as he says, being a whistleblower, chemtrails can not no longer be a topic for discussion and debate.

“And chemtrails by the way, barium salts are in chemtrails. They are ten thousand times more toxic to your nervous system than lead. They contain micro-bacteria viruses, human plasma. I wonder what is human plasma doing in chemtrails. And this is not by conjecture. I did a lot of research before I am saying this. But these chemtrails are nasty. And the three reasons for chemtrails are: the first is in my talk to my NSA buddies at Fort Carson Peterson Air Force Base, where I was actually their doctor taking care of the pilots flying and spraying the chemtrails so I know it’s real. If anybody says it’s not real, they’re full of it, okay? Because I am a whistleblower on the inside and it’s not open for discussion. And my NSA buddies told me, 95% of them told me they were up there trying to spray to reflect out the sun and to stop global warming. So most of them are dumb enough to believe that garbage. And also in the chemtrails, there’s also a link directly that Jeff Fran has found out and I’m going to have Dr Staninger and Dr Karjou on, in about a week on my radio show, and I’ve done some investigations and there’s very solid evidence now that Morgellons is caused by a silicon-based nanomachine life form that does not originate on planet earth. Is that not interesting? It is a silicon-based life form that is intelligent like bees or ants and it fights back. Conversion of the atmosphere into a plasma for weather modification and geotectonic warfare, scaler mind control technologies, the Woodpecker which has been discovered back in the seventies, HAARP, the Tetris system in the United Kingdom, the Gwen Towers in the United States, and the satellite systems connected to the cell towers and the smart highways is all based on, not only sending out a signal to track you, but Nokia which is one of the leading cell companies, has figured a new way to cut down the need for increasing the amount of signal by three to five times as many cell phones in the same signal area by beaming the signal directly to you. But they can also, beside the cell signal, they can also have a bio-coded signal to your DNA, to affect your physiology and insert thoughts into your mind.”

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