The word ‘chemtrails’ is made of two words: ‘chemicals’ and ‘trails’ which lead to the obvious conclusion that the trail that is being left behind by aircrafts is chemical. Is this chemical being spread out to manage solar radiation, psychological manipulation, human population control, weather modification and chemical warfare? Is it contributing to illnesses and other health issues?

An American military officer holding the badge in an aircraft which reads ‘Steamchemtrail Spray and Pray’.

Didn’t Dr Nick Begich in his lecture mention the involvement of the military?

Here is a pilot wearing a mask with a thumbs up and the same badge in the above photo in the other hand:

There was once a link with information about this but which now is a dead link: When the truth is trying to push itself forth, somehow it is killed.

There are planes that are certified to spray chemtrails on a large scale which are made from chemicals and spraying hoses at the trailing edge of the plane.

The below photo shows a group touring the A380’s upper deck. Unlike on a Boeing 747, the A380’s upper deck runs the length of the plane although it’s not as wide as the main deck. Still, it’s spacious enough that ‘you would never know there are passengers below’ said tour guide Wolfgang Absmeier, an Airbus test pilot.

And no worries because they do not try to hide it from you. They even take photos, because they sell you the lie that they do spray the skies but in order to cool the atmosphere and to dim the sun and yet the European Commission is not doing anything to protect the European citizens. Instead, it is more in favour of eco-taxing them so that they change the environment by paying more taxes and drive an EV.

In a parliamentary question to the European Commission, citizens, farmers and numerous environmental organizations, both in Europe and on other continents, have shown continued interest in long-lasting trails left in the sky by high-flying aircraft.

It is important to note that chemtrails are not contrails. Contrails are condensation and trail. They dissipate after a while. Chemtrails linger all day and form abnormal clouds. For contrails, what happens is that as the air rushes through the turbine, it gets heated up and exits the exhaust at temperatures of 600 degrees and because the outside air temperature at high altitudes is as low as minus 60 degrees, the hot air condensates in the cold air leaving these white trails. They then dissipate after a while.

Chemtrails linger all day and hang in the skies, forming long lines and abnormal clouds. These are real photos taken abroad:

If you still do not believe any of these, research ‘Operation Sea Spray’, ‘Stratospheric Aerosol Injection’, ‘Solar Radiation Management’, ‘Weather Modification Patents and Treaties, and the 1997 Chemtrail Law. Remember to read in between the lines whenever everything looks so beneficial for you because they sell you anything that is filthy as being benevolent.

And if you still do not want to do any detailed evidence based analysis that deep dives into the current geo-engineering projects including weather modification being undertaken under the guise of ‘climate change’, all you need to do is look up whenever you see particular and continuous high-flying aircrafts above you, notice the chemtrails they leave behind which linger for hours, and then notice the weather changing the day after, if not a few hours later:

Are you paying attention yet?

Are you looking up?

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