“So, ideas regarding HAARP because I was supposed to talk about weather modification.

Weather modification is a concept, may or may not be as good or bad and here’s my view of that. Benny Houston came to this at the end of his time on the planet. He had made the decision to not share anything about weather modification with the military because he felt they were irresponsable. If we’re going to do anything in this area, if, IF-BIG IF- we have a lot further to go with our ability first to model the planet, to understand what we’re doing because you may create one solution in one place and ten problems elsewhere because we can’t model the planet’s systems efficiently enough but if we’re gonna move in this area, it needs to be done in the open light of day, very very slowly, with civilian sectors and all governments of the world, not just one or two engaged in this kind of work.

Pollutants Removal using RF: interesting idea. Again, moving very carefully and a warning that Rosalie Bertel gave and now she’s deceased so I give the warning again – these are the kinds of ideas that the military would use to get you and me as the public to support programs like HAARP. But remember all of the other potentials in these programs and the risks associated with them. Militaries are not the responsable parties they need to be. Civil governments are. The civilian sector, that is. At least you’ve got a fighting chance of an open debate based on debate across the facts rather than the fiction that the military produces on a pretty regular basis. And they do it to manipulate, they do it to control, they do it to gain funding and ultimately to achieve their paranoid objectives which is really what they are about as I said in the beginning of this presentation.”

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