Occult symbols: the Satanic S or Satanic Z

“This is the next one. This is the satanic S or satanic Z. This was adopted in the 1970s by a rock and roll band called ‘Kiss’. And they adopted that on the end of their name, thinking that people would think it looked cool. Actually it stood for Kings and Satan’s Service, and because they were serving Satan, in fact, Gene Simmons, the bass player, the leader of the group, who even is a professed satanist, and says that he likes being demon possessed. And Satan has always been referred to as a lightning bolt. Where do I get that? If you go to the book of Luke, Chapter 10 verse 18, it says ‘And I beheld Satan fall as lightning from heaven.’ Satan has grabbed on to that right quick and said ‘Cool, we’ll make Satan a lightning bolt and that will be his representation. And we can put that in things and people won’t know what that means. We can get our symbol on things, whether it’s a toy, whether it’s in a video game, whatever, we can get that in a book. People won’t know what that means, ok? They didn’t count on discerning Christians.

This was also adopted by the Nazi SS. How many know that Hitler was an avid follower of the occult? Hitler believed in a sphere of destiny, an occult theology that said that there was a sphere of destiny. And he believed because this occult theology said that the holder of the sphere would become the ruler or the master of the world. And every time that Hitler and his army would invade a particular city, the first thing that he would do would be to send out his soldiers to gather up all the occult books in that particular area, because he was looking for that one book that told him where to find the sphere of destiny. He never found it. But Satan is referred to as a lightning bolt. So that double S up there, is what that symbol is – the symbol of Satan.”

The lecture can be watched here.

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