“Here’s a symbol for black mass at the top and you notice that it looks like an ankh but this is actually a high priestess and the reason I say that is there’s her symbol which is a crescent moon. You see in witchcraft, they don’t just worship one god. They worship many. Lucifer is only one of them. One of the lesser ones in fact because their highest god is actually a female god, a goddess and her name is Diana, goddess of the moon. And this is her symbol: crescent moon and stars. Most of the time, if it’s a symbol, it’s a symbol of the high priestess. She’ll wear it around her neck as a pendant or a brooch and it will have the crescent moon. It will have one, two, three or four stars hanging off of it and that symbolizes her rank in that particular coven. So this is the symbol of the goddess Diana. This is the high priestess. And this over here actually is a symbol for the sacrifice getting ready to take place. A lot of law enforcement officials are now finding out that these symbols that they’re finding on culverts and overpasses, that they once thought were gang symbols, are actually satanic cults.

This symbol down here is a really interesting symbol. Again it’s a Celtic or druid symbol. And it was adopted in the 1970s by a rock and roll band called Blue Oyster Cult. And during all the interviews that Blue Oyster Cult did with their magazine people, in all the interviews they wanted to know why that symbol and what that symbol meant because people couldn’t figure it out. And Blue Oyster Cult members told them that well, we can’t tell you what it is but it’s a very mystical symbol and one day it will reveal itself. Well, it has. This is called the Cross of Confusion. Now I even talked to one gentleman who at one point said well that’s a Christian symbol because there’s the cross and then there’s the fisherman’s hook. No! Do you see the hole in the cross? That symbolizes the hole in Christianity. And this going down here means Jesus went into the grave and never came back up. In other words it’s a sign symbolizing that God is dead.”

The lecture can be watched here.

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