In a new Disney+ series The Santa Clauses, starring Tim Allen, Disney has referenced Satan instead of Santa in a moment in the third episode of the show when a group of elves in formation to spell out ‘We love you, Santa’ but instead, it spelled out ‘We love you, Satan.’

Country musician John Rich criticized this moment in his tweet on November 28: “New kids show from Disney. Keep in mind, this made it through the editing process and to the final product.”ย 

In comes the propaganda machines, like the USA Today to tell you that this is a joke. Politifact wants to make you swallow that “Disney isnโ€™t promoting Satan in โ€˜The Santa Clauses.โ€™” Always remember that when the media is telling you to believe something when it comes to agendas, you must do the exact opposite.

So what is the phrase ‘We love you Satan’ doing in a Disney series for children?

Please note that if had to watch all this series this in its entirety, you will notice that there’s lots of evil symbolism in it. For instance, Santa’s fireplace is Santa’s face with the mouth open wide, inviting evil.

I do not think for one second that it was a mistake. I think they are just telling it to you in your face and they are programming your kids.

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