The royal family murdered and plundered the peasants to colonize more territories and expand their empire, not so many generations ago. Do you think abusing children matters to them? Most probably, this practice is normal to them, as they have all been exposed to generational abuse.

And do you think they really care about you? You are just subjects to them, and they see themselves as above you. Let me remind you how the UK Royals Force News Sites had to delete embarrassing video clips of the footage that was livestreamed to tens of millions when Charles gestured to a servant while declaring himself King in a ceremony at St. James Place in London on September 10, 2022:

And let me remind you again, that he did not have to pay inheritance tax on the queen’s private estate worth more than $750 million.

Well, otherwise, why would they declare themselves kings, queens, royalty, and monarchs in this age? They clearly stand above the law.

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