“Here’s the next one. The one at the top you’ve already seen. That’s the satanic pentagram. But this down here is a very interesting symbol. This was actually introduced as a piece of jewelry in 1969 or early 1970. Oh, by the way, how many have heard of Sarah Coventry Jewellery? Does anybody here sell it? Praise God because Sarah Coventry Jewellery is exactly as it sounds: Sarah’s Coven. You see, witchcraft groups get their money to operate by two ways: the selling of themselves and drugs or the making and selling of occult jewelry. And what they actually do is they ask this stuff to be blessed after they make it. Now I mean when I’m talking about blessed I’m not talking about how God blesses us by giving us something. I’m talking about when they bless it, it means it’s cursed. And they actually ask demonic entities to come and go inside of that piece of jewellery.

Now, I’m telling you brothers and sisters, if you believe scripture, where Jesus Himself even says that there’s such a thing as demonic possession, in other words, demons can inhabit a person, then you also must know that demons can and do inhabit inanimate objects. I’ve seen it happen, over and over again. And praise God you know we go over to countries like Africa or even closer than that we go over to Hawaii, and we bring back these masks or these Tiki dolls and we put them on our mantel on our wall and think oh, that’s a great souvenir and guess what you just brought back into your home with you? The demons that were associated with those particular gods.

This is actually a Celtic symbol and it’s over 2000 years old, referred to as the Italian Horn, the Horn of Plenty or the Leprechaun Horn and actually what it means is, is that the wearer of this trusts the devil for their finances.”

The lecture can be watched here.

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