The collective mindset of Karol and Robert Aquilina and the court is foundational to communism, fascism and socialism – how ‘online hate speech’ is being used to punish citizens

The Aquilina brothers should grow up and work on their childish behaviour.

We had Robert Aquilina of the Repubblichini filing a report to the Police last March because of a comment he received by Johan Beverley Vella which stated that Aquilina ‘deserves a can of acid’ for protesting in front of the office of the former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat. Aquilina “pointed out that the acid cans were one of the means used by the Mafia to kill whoever closes them.” The Court has now ordered Vella’s arrest. Robert Aquilina, grow up as your excuse is stupid! Xi djuq, marelli! As if a citizen who writes a comment at the spur of the moment will turn into a Mafioso and throw a can of acid! And stop giving free shows and going outside buildings according to your pick and choose modus operandi, to make statements. You are not credible at all.

Because now the world is caught up about what offends everyone and we quickly go to the police like children who go to their parents crying because another child said something bad to them.

He definitely did a copy and paste and followed in the footsteps of his brother, as we had the case of Nationalist Party MP Karol Aquilina. Alan Micallef was found guilty and fined €300 while receiving a two-year conditional discharge for calling for the stoning of Aquilina in a comment on Facebook. Micallef apologized, stating that it was a comment written on the spur of an angry moment and that obviously, he had no intention to cause harm.

“Aquilina, appearing as parte civile, informed the court that he accepted Micallef’s public apology and testified to knowing the defendant personally without harboring ill feelings.”

How hypocritical! Karol Aquilina, couldn’t you talk to Mr. Micallef since you knew him personally? Couldn’t you send him a private message? Did you have to make a show by going to court? A father with no criminal record has been treated like a criminal, because of you! How dare you, with such a pompous attitude?

Who do the Aquilina brothers think they are? The world does not revolve around you. But no. On Facebook, Aquilina responded to such judgment by stating that “no court punishment can fully repair the damage caused by such comments” because such comments are making society turn into an intolerant one. He also made it political and “appealed to the Labour Party media to stop accepting such comments adding that “it is such comments that have created the environment in which journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia could be killed and that continue to create an environment of intolerance and hatred against anyone who expresses himself.”

Karol Aquilina, the reason why Daphne was not killed is not yet known. But rest assured that no environment was created for her killing. Anyone who puts himself into the public’s eye is subject to critics, haters, and supporters.

The Aquilina brothers and the court should do some research about the 1860s Humanitarian Appropriation Classical liberal theory and how the result of postmodern liberalism is the hijacking act. Although I do think that there is a way and way of expressing oneself, even out of politeness, this online hate speech law is just a communist mindset.

The above cases reminded me of when UNESCO’s Director General Audrey Azoulay’s unveiled a “multi-stakeholder” plan to “safeguard” social media platforms from “dis- and misinformation, hate speech, and conspiracy theories” for the “common good”.

To claim that ‘the common good comes before the individual good” is a collectivist mindset and is the foundation to communism, fascism and socialism and this is clearly the foundation that the Aquilina brothers and the Courts have embraced so that Maltese citizens are slowly, slowly molded into controlled citizens where freedom of speech is something that only our ancestors knew about.

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