“The Malta Union of Teachers (MUT) has filed a libel case against its rival, the Union of Professional Educators (UPE)” following a ‘defamatory’ article by UPE in a press conference where the UPE announced that it would not participate in the MUT’s strike planned for 27th November.

“The UPE claimed that the MUT was only negotiating working conditions and allowances, and not the teacher’s basic salary. It said that the basic salary will remain unchanged until the end of 2024.”

Instead of having two unions joining forces for the same cause: educators and education, we do the childish tantrum games. Clearly, we have a lot of childish ‘adults’ who have failed to grow up but who unfortunately for the rest of us, have found themselves in leadership positions.

Without taking sides, it is still condemnable for the UPE to turn into a strike breaker and a derailment of negotations.

This infighting between two unions which are supposed to have one main aim is welcoming news for the government. Wasting time, resources and energy to fight each other instead of joining forces.

And educators are the puppets in between while the government sits and smiles.

Fra i due litiganti, il terzo gode.

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