“Now let me tell you something that’s going to be shocking to you. And believe me, I believe that you are mature enough to accept this. It isn’t easy for me. Do you think when I was researching this, I was having a good time? I mean you have to understand this is crappy work. It’s just something that fell into my hands and I wasn’t even meant to do this work.

You know until Rabin was murdered, I was the Israeli correspondent for the Hollywood Reporter and for Billboard magazine at Screen International. I was a trained journalist. Who even thought of this stuff?

Now, with that in mind that I was not looking for this. It just came to me. The idea of Israel was never to be a shelter for Jews, never. No religious Jew was allowed in Israel all through the holocaust. If he got in it was through his doing. Nobody rescued any religious Jews. The only Jews allowed inot Israel from 1933 until the White Paper of 1939 were the German Jews.

Did you know Winston Churchill’s mother was a Jew and that means that Churchill himself with Jenny Jacobson, her father was a stockbroker from New York. Churchill was a Jew. He was a Sabbatean. Look, again, you have to look this up on the internet. Jenny Jacobson was. Churchill was a Jew. He was another Benjamin Israeli. It doesn’t matter if they convert. The Sabbateans convert and they mix. It’s a very, ugly, messy situation style. You think Stalin was a Jew? All three of his wives were Jews. All his children are Jews. This is Sabbateanism. This was a Sabbatean war.

You know I’m not being overly dramatic when I say this either: this was a war fought by the Sabbateans and they are not Jews. Don’t mix them up. They are the enemies of the Jews. Israel took the German Jews and used them for seed stock to get a new Judaism. They were going to wipe out the Jews as many as they could of Europe, and start a new Judaism in Israel based on Sabbateanism.”

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