“Call it a retelling of Jewish history because it really is. When Sabbatai Zevi converted to Islam, most Jews abandoned but not all. There was a sect in Turkey called the Donmeh, who decided that this was in fact a magical pronouncement by Sabbatai Zevi that we should all convert to other religions but secretly practise Sabbateanism.

Turkey is run by the Sabbateans and we will get to that shortly. But what can I say? Jacob Frank! Jacob Frank was your second Messiah. That’s what he was called – the second Messiah of the two was Jacob Frank. And he worked from about 1750 and died in 1791. Born in 1726 – yes, those are the right dates. What he did was he convinced the bishop of his diocese that his people were not Jews but were anti-Talmudis. And the bishop bought it. And he ordered all the Talmud of the Diocese birth. Then he said ‘I’ll bring you lots and lots of new Catholics. He brought him five thousand to be mass converted to Catholicism. I believe the year was 1859. Excuse me, 1759. All of a sudden, Europe’s Jews, by the many thousands, were becoming Catholic, publicly. They despised Catholicism but then privately they were Sabbatean. And, as fantastic as it seems, they are really, really conspiracies of silence. If the rules are not open in your mouth, you don’t open your mouth. They exist.

The Sabbateans didn’t just exist as a tiny little cult. They were being converted by the thousands in the 18th century.

Oh, by the way just to let you know about Jacob Frank, in what was to be a Jew, it wasn’t all just clanestine cells and subterfuge. You’ve got so much fun. The purification of the soul was sex orgies. Frank expanded Sabbatai Zevi. The purification of the soul was very anti-Jewish. It was a very bad thing. He expanded Sabbatai Zevi into really a cult and it was no different than a cult today where you control the minds of people through sex. Just leave it at that.

Oh and before I forget, the last word on wife-swapping and stuff – the first Zionist and their people seem that’s all it was without going into the depth. That’s what the first Zionists were. They were Sabbatean and I’m leaving it at that. They actually were Sabbatean. And they participated in this stuff. They used the word ‘secular’.That’s the word they used. They were seculars. This is beyond secular. ‘Secular’ to me is not being affiliated with any religious group. This is beyond that but they called themselves ‘secular’. ‘Hiloni’ is secular in Hebrew from the Greek Hellenistic, is what they called themselves and they were proud of it and their goal was to turn Israelis into ‘Hilonin’. They hated the religious.

Let me not kid you how much the labour Zionists hated the religious. But let’s go into our little story of how it got that way. Jacob Frank ran out of money in the year 1785 or so. This is where the Sabbateans, well, made a pact with the big devils. Suddenly, Jacob Frank got very rich in 1786. He moved his sect of Offenbach, a suburb of Frankfurt.Frankfurt was also the home of Mayer Amschel Rothschild and the home of someone named Adam Weishaupt.

Little by little, for those unacquainted with this piece of history, the Rothschilds are the Sabbateans of the world. And here is why. There was a meeting that took place apparently in Rothschild’s humble home then in 1786. He was not all that wealthy. He was a coin dealer. His sons made him wealthy.”

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