“But the point is in Britain – something called the British Israelites emerged. They actually thought that the British were Israelites. And I’ve read this stuff, weird stuff, that in the Roman times, the Tribe of Dan landed in England and that London is named from the Tribe of Dan and I’ve read this stuff. And it’s wacky. But nonetheless, they figured out the ultimate plan to get the Jews to be Sabbateans. They’re going to take back Israel. They developed Zionism.

In the 1870s, they developed a perfect plan to get the Jews back to where they wanted the Jews to be. They developed Zionism. And the idea was to make life so miserable for the Jews of Europe that they would come to life in Palestine. The Jews did escape Europe, but they went to America. Two million of them escaped Europe due to the Polgroms, my grandparents included but they did not go to Israel.

The first Aliyah was in 1880. A few went to Israel. The Rothschild build Rishon and Sion. They built the first city in Israel. They got the ball rolling but it was a lousy place to go. There was nothing there. There were a bunch of bandits and a bunch of malaria and it was not a good place to settle.

So now I’m going to jump ahead before jumping back. Eventually this was solved by someone named Colonel Edward House. He was Woodrow Wilson‘s, well, he was Woodrow Wilson. What he did is put restrictions on him, grave restrictions on immigration to the U.S. and the Jews no longer had that option after 1919, I believe.”

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