“There’s a new history. It’s not a new history, it’s an old history being retold but you have to look and you can’t ignore a really serious problem: is that the Rothschilds took on America and all of the following names are simply not Jewish. Within one generation they stopped being Jewish but from Frankfurt, Germany, the Rothschild sent John Jacob Astor, Jacob Schiff, Max Warburg. He sent all of his agents to America to corrupt the robber bearings essentially. If you were very, very successful, they made a deal with you. You promote our thinking and our thinking is the end of Jews. It really, really was a war against the Jews; in a very different way that people understand it and it becomes harsh from then on.

We’re now in the 19th century and that was not a good century for the Jews. That was the century for Pogroms. What you have now with America is try and find a Jewish Schiff. Jacob Schiff’s grandson is married to Al Gore’s daughter. This is true blue Sabbateanism. We’ll get to that. It’s all over the place. It’s terrifying and we’ll get to that. They’re not Jews anymore but they are affecting Jews. They want Jews to be something else.

Now, you’ve got, and I find this a terrifying thing. You’ve got the Morgans, the Carnegies, the Herrimans – they were all given European money. America was not all that rich in the 19th century. You had people builing railroads; you had them putting up steel mills but the money was in Europe. And it was in the hands largely of the Rothschild. They agreed for ideological purposes that if you play their game, they’ll give you power you’ve never had before.

And this is how non-Jews started doing the work of the Sabbateans. And I have to be very, very easy on this, very easy on this. The fact of the matter is in the 1870s – the Sabbateans of England decided on something new. The Jews weren’t cooperating. They were not chaning their point of view. They were not accepting Sabbatai Zevi. They liked their religion. And I got to remind you of something very important. Until the rise of Sabbateanism secretly, the Jews loved being Jews. It was as natural as breathing. There were no self-hating Jews. After Sabbateanism hit, the Jews started despising themselves. This was also done on purpose.”

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