“Now you go back to one of his predecessors, working in the big, global system, working on the culture and the minds of the public – Lord Bertrand Russell who also belonged to the same Elite global volunteer for International Affairs. He also worked for MI5 at very least and maybe MI62 during World War II at least. And he fills the exact title of being on the exact role of what Quigley talked about with that where he said that our organization that is secret to the extent of it being secret, but he said that in his own writings, in his own book, he said has existed for almost sixty years. He wrote that in the 1960s. This is Dr. Carroll Quigley I’m talking about now. And he said it’s often mistaken for the communists. What he was referring to there was the RIS Commission that had done investigation into the tax-free foundation supporting the far left, the communist sects. And what he is pertaining to is actually as running things and he said that we have the same kind of goals.

Socialism is the best way to control people, for those who are the experts and the rich on top, if you understand that.

Anyway, getting back to Bertrand Russell, he said back in the 1940s and 50s, and his big part, for he worked with the MASY group, all these different, big, big groups that were meant to change culture and society. And Lord Bertrand Russell said that shortly with the proper techniques, anyone can convince anyone else of anything. He talks of the abilityt o complete persuasion and be completely believed by anybody and everybody at the same time. With scientific techniques. Long before Brzezinski here. Brzezinski would have all his inner writings, Quigley’s writings and all Bertrand Russell’s writings because it’s the same organisation behind all with the same goal.”

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