The last blog ended with the statement: “If you study the European royal families, you will be led further down the rabbit hole and you never know, you might stumble upon something which is really dark.”

Here is where PIZZAGATE returns to the story. Do you remember the series about pizzagate? Pizzagate is not just an American problem. It is a global problem. Let’s get down to the real definition of pizzagate so to refreshen your memory while adding some new and juicy but terrifying detail:

“Worldwide, children are stolen and sold to elite paedophile rings. They are tortured, raped, and murdered as part of satanic ritual ceremonies. The murderers then drink the children’s blood and they eat their flesh. The blood of children who were severely traumatised before they died, contains Adrenochrome: a natural drug produced by the pineal gland in the brain. Adrenochrome is the highest valued drug in the world. The God these people serve is Satan. It’s not a God of love and mercy…”

Whether or not you believe or not in the existence of Satan is not relevant because they do. And according to each and every eye witness who had the guts to step forward, PIZZAGATE IS REAL. Do you remember Mel Gibson’s statements? He was ousted for not wanting to participate but he witnessed it though. And he is one of the very few who dares to speak about it. One wonders how come he is still alive.

Adrenochrome is real and it is the ultimate drug. Here is how people look like when taking it to when they stop taking it. These photos show the same people within weeks, not years, and no, it is not about make-up or botox or because as the media tries to make you swallow – that they are suddenly ill:

And if you are still incredulous, read it from the horse’s mouth – in the post of Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Facebook, while he was on Little St James Island , or the island of the notorious paedophile Jeffrey Epstein, also known as ‘Orgy Island’:

“Although many people find participating in and observing sexual congress both pleasurable and fulfilling, I sometimes find it challenging to observe the subsequent removal of adrenochrome from the smaller participants…

Ingesting the adrenochrome, however, is as enjoyable a human activity as any I have yet engaged in…”

Not many children, for sure, survive the satanic ritual ceremonies. The very few ones that do are not meant to be killed. They were there to sexually serve the ELITE, ROYALTY, SHEIKHS, TOP POLITICIANS, BANKERS, JUDGES, CHURCH LEADERS, WORLDWIDE! Most survivors were born into the satanic cult families. When you study all of the survivors’ CONSISTENT accounts, and police reports, you will realise that all share the same common stuff. They share the same description of the atrocities inflicted upon them. They share the same names of perpetrators. They share the same Elite they belong to. The problem is that most survivors are not believed by most people who easily think they are insane or trying to get attention. Furthermore, not many survivors dare to step forward because they are afraid and too traumatised. Surely, they are not crazy.

In order to spare you the horrific details, this site invites the readers to do the research about the following victims and/or eye-witnesses:

the Dutch Anne Marie van Blijenburgh:

Toos Nijenhuis:

Anneke Lucas:

Ronald Bernard:

The Irish Richard Kerr:

Siblings Gabriel and Alisa Dearman from the UK:

The American Sarah Ruth Ashcroft:

The Australian Fiona Barnett:

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