Alan Watt on how ‘the war on terror’ is truly ‘the war of terror’ (part nine) – uniformity

“‘A New World Order coming into view’ he said. ‘A big idea.’ A big idea, again, it goes back to the old goddess that was born out of the head of Zeus, and some will say Kronos. Self-willed into its own existence by its own power and intellect. A new order of things. A warrior type creed, it would run over and rule over, and therefore it was dressed in armor and carrying weaponry. That was their symbol. That’s why they chose 9/11 for the date. It’s interesting that 9/11, as we all know, became the emergency call number for all those guys in uniform. A term they also used after 9/11 happened, when Rumsfeld said ‘I want everyone in uniform even the postman to put it on,‘ because now you have an amalgamated force of one form, uniformity, and even the guys who deliver your post now spy on you, too, under Homeland Security. That’s who they all work for now. Anyone with a paycheck is under Homeland Security.

This one form that’s to spread all across the world, this uniformity is a standardization process where all cultures, all peoples will be put under the same system. All religions as they have stood have been demolished. Christianity as it used to be has served its purpose for the elite, and they’ve already pretty well demolished the old form of Christianity and brought in a new type mixed with the New Age for a New Era. That’s what’s been happening. Back in a few moments. 

Hi. Alan Watt back again filling in for Michael Herzog on this Friday, and I’m talking about how this world is to be standardized. It’s simply too untidy for this elite, you see. Untidiness means inefficiency, and these boys at the top want complete and pure efficiency. That is why the next big religion to be knocked now is Islam; and Islam is so different you see in so many ways. It’s a complete culture tied up with a religion; and that’s very inefficient. They might disobey and of course they knew they’d get some retaliation. When they go in every country that’s invaded always does retaliate, you hope anyway, at least there’s still some survival process still working there. Now it’s turned into a propaganda war as we hear about all these nasty people over there who aren’t too pleased about being invaded and run by a foreign power

Propaganda is used again in all wars to basically lie to the people, they must be supportive of the war, and that’s the general public. We don’t realize in today’s complex world that little vote you don’t really get to pick the person that you think you’re picking. You’re presented with a bunch to pick from. No different than the Politburo of the Soviet Era, and you don’t realize you are giving your power, you’re acquiescing all your power to that person to do as he wishes, by using your name, and that means going to war as well. They never mention these things when you vote them in of course. They never mention they have upcoming wars planned and takeovers of entire continents and the resources.  Nevertheless, if people would just stop voting for a change, instead of voting and never learning, the ones at the top would have to come forward for the first time that really run your country. You’ll see that lo and behold, it wouldn’t collapse after all. It would still be just as totalitarian. Perhaps a little more quickly, but you would see the teeth out as they force you to go along with them one way or another.

We’re dealing with brutal types at the top. Very brutal types. Killing millions is nothing to them, never has been. World War II was completely set-up in advance. Every historian that has written about the Versailles Treaty, signed after World War I, said that treaty guaranteed a second war with Germany because they could never pay off the debts, the reparations that was demanded of them. They had no option but to eventually fight it out or go under and starve to death. We know that they ended up fighting it out. We also know that the big corporations like GM, ITT and The Rockefeller Foundation, Baxter Laboratories a whole plethora of big companies in the West, including many belonging to Rothschild’s, financed Hitler into power. They financed the Nazi war machine. They financed I.G. Farben, the umbrella company that all of these independent corporations went under. They produced all the armaments for Germany.

The stock exchanges still went on through New York and London, all during World War II through these companies via Switzerland, and the big boys got rich and fat as always during wars.  Rothschild himself said he makes most of him money when the blood is running in the streets; and that’s never changed. No one was ever brought up after it for trading with the enemy and got actually charged and put away.

If you go into the history of the Bush family, you’ll find that one of them was actually charged, but eventually they managed to pay their way out of it. Again, nothing new under the sun. They financed their enemies into being. They used them to change the world. World War II was to change the world and society. Without World War II, Winston Churchill admitted he could have never pulled off the Great Idea of amalgamating Europe, something that he was completely for. The man who told the British public that to fight these terrible Nazi demons to preserve the British way of life was telling his own peer group in parties, many parties. They had parties every night that this was the best thing that ever happened, this war, because they said, “we shall realize our dreams of a United Europe.” 

The public didn’t know about that, did they?”

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