Remember that King Charles III is the head of the Church of England. Historically, the English monarchy wanted separation and independence from the Church of Rome. Does King Charles III embody the values and principles of the Church of England?

Would you like to take it in turns to come up with an analysis? Cheating on spouses, getting divorced, having an affair with an already-married woman who also has children with her husband, being best friends with a Pedo Champ, appointing perverts and pedos exclusively to run the government, with your own brother having to step down from his royal duties? Would you like to insert an alleged plot for the murder of your ex-wife, just in case?

Are the British proud of Charles as their king? He really seems to be a champion of values and principles.

Are the British happy with this royal family?

Are the British still happy paying taxes to this family? “Ever wondered how much the Royal Family cost the taxpayer? Accounts for the Sovereign Grant released at the end of June 2023 show that in total, the Royal Household’s net expenditure was reported to be £107.5 million ($136 million). This compares to the total Sovereign Grant of £86.3 million ($109.1 million) and the additional income of £9.8 million ($12.4 million).”

But I am not much astonished to have read that the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II was the most-watched event of all time. An estimated 4.1 billion people watched it. Thankfully, I am not one of those 4.1 billion. The masses should refuse to be ignorant and programmed to ‘hate the rich’ and yet love the Royals despite their wealth and clear lack of concern about the peasants. Because, as you see, the rules do not apply equally.

Dear masses, undo yourself from the Stockholm Syndrome, that is, a psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy and have positive feelings towards their captors, sometimes to the point of defending them.

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