According to a 2010 article, now archived, the Wayne Madsen Report, a subscription news site which is no longer available on the web, but which is available on the wayback machine, that claimed to bring news “from deep inside the Washington beltway” “had a blockbuster report for subscribers only, which claims that Obama is a long-time member of a gay man’s club in Chicago, of which his Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is also a member.

Its editor was Wayne Madsen, a former US Navy officer, is an investigative journalist based in Washington. He is also an author and syndicated columnist.

This story was also published on, now also archived, but which can also be found on the wayback machine. The story was published in an article titled “Madsen is vindicating Larry Sinclair”. It is important to note that Larry Sinclair is a homosexual who claimed that he had two sexual encounters with Obama in Chicago.

The gay club referred to in the WMR article is the “Man’s Country Club“, situated in Chicago, which describes itself as “a private membership club for men 18 years and older. Man’s Country Chicago is a clean, safe place to hang out, meet gays who share the same interests as you, socialize, make friends, watch porn and play! Man’s Country Chicago/Where real men meet.” Their website is also archived now. It’s motto was “Play hard, Play safe.”

According to informed sources in Chicago’s gay community as well as veteran political sources in the city, President Obama and his chief of staff Rahm Emanuel are lifetime members of the same gay bath house in uptown Chicago.

The club, a bath house catering to older white men, has been in business for about 30 years and is known as one of uptown Chicago’s “grand old bathhouses.” Sources familiar with the bath house had told WMR that it offers one-year “lifetime” memberships to paying customers and that the club’s computerized and pre-computer paper files contain membership information for both Obama and Emanuel. To ensure confidentiality, the data is anonymized as much as possible. However, sources close to “Man’s Country Club” believe the US Secret Service has purged the membership data on Obama and Emanuel from computer and filing cabinet files.

Obama first visited Man’s Country in the mid-1990s, when he was transitioning from a lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School to his election as an Illinois State Senator in 1996. After leaving the Clinton White House and returning to Chicago in 1998, Emanuel reportedly joined Man’s Country, joining the investment firm Wasserstein Perella and maintaining his membership during his 2002 campaign for the U.S. 5th District House seat vacated by Rod Blagojevich, who was elected governor.

Man’s Country appears to be a gay men’s “one-stop shopping” destination. Steam rooms, “fantasy rooms,” bed rooms, male strippers, adult movies, and lockers were all advertised on the club’s website.

“Sources in Chicago’s gay community report that Obama was attracted to Man’s Country’s older white clientele because he generally enjoys being fellated by older white men. Obama would regularly be seen at Man’s Country on Wednesdays.  

Obama reportedly has never engaged in reciprocal activity. The sources also confirm the allegations made during the 2008 campaign by Larry Sinclair, a Chicago visitor who revealed that in 1999 he engaged in such oral sex activity and crack cocaine use with then-State senator Obama on two occasions, once in the back of a Chicago limousine operated by Five Star Limousine Service, and the other at a Chicago area motel, the Comfort Suites in Gurnee, Illinois.  

After revealing details of the encounter at a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, Sinclair was arrested by Washington Metropolitan Police on a fugitive warrant issued by Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, the son of Obama’s vice presidential running mate, Senator Joe Biden. Sinclair was charged with a misdemeanor count of theft of money orders, however, the state of Delaware declined prosecution. Beau Biden later declined to run for his father’s old Senate seat because of his duties to prosecute a major pedophilia case involving Lewes, Delaware pediatrician Dr. Earl Bradley. There are reports that Biden’s office helped to cover up Bradley’s activities, including failing to authorize search warants for Bradley’s office and computer.  

WMR spoke to several well-placed sources in Chicago who reported that Jeremiah Wright, the pastor of Obama’s former church of 20 years, Trinity United Church of Christ (TUCC) on Chicago’s south side, ran what was essentially a matchmaking service for gay married black professional members of the church, including lawyers and businessmen, particularly those with children. The matchmaking club was called the ‘Down Low Club’ but references to it over the phone and email simply referred to the group with the code phrase ‘DLC.’ The ruse, according to our sources, was to make anyone who was eavesdropping on the communications believe that the references were to the Democratic Leadership Council, also known as the DLC.  

The gay DLC’s services were intended to keep ensure TUCC’s gay members avoided posting solicitations on web services like Craig’s List and refrain from cruising gay bars. The strategy was to protect them from getting busted and being ‘outed.’ 

Among the members of the gay “DLC” were Obama and TUCC’s choir director, Donald Young, an openly gay man who reportedly had a sexual relationship with Obama. Two other gay members of the church were Larry Bland and Nate Spencer. Young and Bland were brutally murdered, execution style, in late 2007. Bland was murdered on November 17, 2007 and Young on December 24, 2007. The latter was killed by multiple gunshot wounds. Spencer reportedly died on December 26, 2007, official cause of death: ‘septicemia, pneumonia, and HIV.’  

‘DLC’ members often went on camping trips arranged by TUCC. Wright reportedly was the head of the ‘DLC’ matchmaking services and ensured that its members protected each other.  

The ‘DLC’s’ clientele included Obama and other gay members of TUCC, including, reportedly Young, Bland, and Spencer. Fox 32 Chicago reported that Bland’s mother, Josephine Bland, was so upset at her son inviting men into their home as a result of contacting them through gay web sites like “Adam4Adam,” she moved out.  

The gay community in Chicago knows to keep away from the TUCC and ‘DLC’ stories because of the ‘creepiness’ of the operation and the suspicious deaths of the three TUCC gay black men.  

Although Obama protected his alternate life style through the secretiveness of the ‘DLC,’ he was not so careful when he proclaimed he was a state senator while frolicking at Man’s Country in uptown Chicago.”

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