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“Humanity’s attempt to manipulate Earth’s climate and life support systems is the absolute epitome of unbridled hubris. The ongoing global geoengineering assault has placed our planet under a state of siege. The thriving world we have formerly known is no more, we are accelerating at blinding speed toward a completely new and unimaginably challenging reality. What can we do to expose and halt the weather warfare assault? The ongoing criminal climate engineering operations are exposed in the PowerPoint presentation below. It was given at the Northern California event titled ‘Climate Engineering Cover-Up’.

Climate engineering is mathematically the most destructive form of anthropogenic activity ever unleashed on the biosphere. Geoengineering programs must also be considered biological warfare due to the highly toxic materials that are being dispersed into our skies. The fight to expose and halt climate engineering is a fight for life, nothing less.”

“The website has other informative videos for the public. Excellent documentaries were “Holes in Heaven” and “Look up” but which were removed from YouTube. Another suggested readings from the site are Why in the World are They Spraying?.”

The overall details that can be summarized from this website are that geoengineers are proposing spraying 20 million tons of aluminum in the skies to reflect sunlight back into space; high levels of aluminum, barium, and strontium are being found in thousands of snow, rain and air samples around the world; that nano-sized metal particulates used in geoengineering can be inhaled or absorbed through the skin; that the US Military has a document called Owning the Weather by 2025 and has used weather as a weapon; that most jet engines today are nearly incapable of producing a contrail; that there here are over 120 active weather modification programs going on in the United States; that 20% of the suns rays no longer reach the surface of the earth and that one in three people die with Alzheimer’s with aluminum being a contributor.

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