Essentially a Jew, Adam Weishaupt (1748–1811) converted to Catholicism and went on to found the Illuminati, a “new” secret society. In actuality, it was nothing new at all; it had existed for a very long time under various names, but Weishaupt’s lifetime saw the public disclosure of this organization. Though it’s unclear if he was the driving force behind it, the majority of researchers—including me—are fairly certain that Weishaupt was nothing more than a pawn in the Freemasonic Elite’s game.

With its 33 degrees of initiation, Freemasonry of the Scottish Rite is a new branch of Freemasonry that the Freemasons have recently started. One of the most influential secret societies in the world even now, its members include prominent politicians, religious authorities, businessmen, and other people who are helpful to them. All the evidence suggests that Weishaupt was supported by the Rothschild family, who were and are the global leaders of Freemasonry.

The 33 Freemasonry degrees were ABOVE (or rather, beside) the grades that the Illuminati had established. The Illuminati grades were kept a secret, even from those initiated into the higher degrees of Freemasonry. Weishaupt devised various plans to establish a One World Government and a New World Order as part of his global takeover scheme. The “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” contained all of this information and were written to place the blame for any leaks of the covert plan on the Jews.

It did indeed leak! Lightning struck an Illuminati emissary as he rode across a field carrying the Protocols, which were later discovered and made public. It was during the 1770s. Weishaupt’s Illuminati “Brothers” were outlawed as a result of their forced underground work and flight. The Brotherhood decided that in order to achieve its goal of world dominance, front groups should be used and the name Illuminati should never again be used in public. With a better reputation, the Freemasons were one of the front groups. Weishaupt could not keep his mouth shut and kept using the name Illuminati, so it is thought that he was killed by his Freemason Brothers. There might have been additional reasons.

Nevertheless, the covert objective was maintained, and Weishaupt and the Rothschilds became—and remain—the leaders of the Illuminati. The Freemason Cecil Rhodes, who attempted to establish a One World Government with the British Empire at its head in the 19th century, was a valuable asset in the endeavor to accomplish the goal. The Rothschilds funded this agenda, and Rhodes founded the Round Table—a secret society in and of itself, named for King Arthur’s Round Table, the meeting place of the Brotherhood Elite to this day.

Both World Wars were attempts at domination. People were so fed up with killing after World War II that they welcomed the establishment of the United Nations. The United Nations’ official policy was to maintain peace in order to prevent another World War II. To bring all of the world’s nations together, the UN was, in fact, another crucial front group for the Illuminati. This is an example of a typical “problem-reaction-solution” scenario in the Brotherhood. They caused an issue when they started two world wars. The populace responded by demanding an end to the wars as a result of this.

Thus, by establishing the United Nations, the Illuminati solved a problem that they had initially caused; this was another step toward the realization of a One World Government. This ultimately resulted in the EU project, which anyone with eyes open can see heads straight toward the largest fascist state ever imagined, where a few number of people control all of Europe through a centralized government and each nation gains progressively less autonomy and sovereignty. And who governs the EU? The Illuminati and the Freemasons. The International Bankers, also known as the Illuminati, have succeeded in convincing us that the EMU, or one currency, is the only way forward by inducing raging inflation.

The Central European Bank (Illuminati) will control the entire European economy and can steer us in any direction they choose once that project is protected. While some politicians are fact-aware and aligned with the Illuminati, others are merely power-hungry and ignorant. The ones who will suffer the most are the innocent people who are being tricked. This is unfathomably treacherous.

Will the European Union expand into the United Nations of Africa (something Bill Clinton worked hard on), Asia, and South America? Will the end phenomenon be that all countries will be merged into one big fascist state? Is this the famous Golden Age, or the Age of the Antichrist?

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