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[I have refused to send my children to the seminar regarding ‘gender’. I do not agree with telling them that they can choose and discover their gender. Because in the beginning it is presented as a game or a ritual that they have to pass through, but then when the problems start, they cannot seek help because psychologists and counsellors have to abide to the law. And then as soon as we start the hormonal therapy, this is no longer a game but it will become an irreversable decision that will affect their health and their life forever.]

Labour government, why are you indoctrinating the children with this filthy propaganda with an evil agenda behind it? Why are you normalizing sex-change which various doctors are coming out explaining how dangerous it is? Why are you purposefully confusing children in their delicate stage where they are exploring their sexuality? Are you aware of young adults who committed suicide because they later realised that they should have never committed a sex-change, because they were happy with the gender they were born in?

Labour government, why are you pushing the transgender agenda?

Dear parents, be the protector of your children, as you should be. Watch out for anything that is being ‘taught’ in schools because they were ordered so, and speak out.

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