Here is a comment to the post which was dealt with in another blog, which gives you a clearer picture of what is going on in schools:

[So, on a piece of paper or formola, one doesn’t even find the word ‘parent’. We have become like objects and our children have become like aliens. There isn’t written what they are and who they are…leave us alone. My children cannot even express their views because a girl who boasted of sucking and kissing other girls, called my children homophobic.This is disgusting. If this happens again I will go up to school in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.]

But then, this is not published by any media portal. Instead, Lovin Malta, published an article about a trans teacher who was referred by a student by her first name, instead of ‘Ms.’

Parliamentary Secretary for Equality Rebecca Buttigieg, was quick to come out and condemn such a behaviour, saying that such a harassment “of this trans teacher should serve as a message that more work needs to be done in the field of LGBT+ rights.”

Rebecca Buttigieg and all the Labour government, are you sick in the head? Why don’t you get a life?

What about the other way round? Why is all this taking one direction, only? Why isn’t the story of the heterosexual girl further up, who was called ‘homophobic’, also published on the mainstream media and condemned by Rebecca Buttigieg? Wasn’t she harassed too?

But no. The LGBTIQA+ agenda, which also incorporates the sex-change and the trans movement, will have none of that. And the labour government has endorsed this agenda, and is pushing it down your children’s throats.

Dear parents, protect your children before it is too late. We will soon be in a stage where heterosexual people cannot express their view and will feel the odd one out, when, in reality, we were created men and women.

Dear parents, your children are not your governent’s property. Speak up and fight for their rights, before it is too late.

Dear government, harassment of heterosexual students reminds us that we should never be complacent!!


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