A footage showing a fight between Arabs and Turks in Lubeck, Germany was forbidden to be spread by German politicians:


The above link will take you to a video showing “men kicking a young person’s head, while another migrant tosses a metal trash can at an elderly German pedestrian. The senior citizen, uninvolved with the brawl, tumbles to the ground next to him, and all was done in broad daylight. Police had to show up on the scene with 10 police cars, in order to try to control the migrants.

According to Remix News, “knife violence and brawls among Germany’s growing migrant population have become commonplace in many German cities.”

However, this brawl was not reported by any mainstream media. Neither did the Schleswig-Holstein police make any announcement about it or release a police report. The only evidence of such a brawl was that of this video taken by someone who filmed it on the phone and uploaded it on Facebook. But, when the footage of the brawl started being spread on social media, the police sought to ban its distribution on social networks. At least in one city, the police threatened to pursue anyone who publishes such a video and similar ones.

One authority, which works under the Schleswig-Holstein Interior Minister Sabine Sütterlin-Waack (CDU), addressed the incident, stating: “The police warn against the further distribution of this video and ask that you immediately delete the video from your own devices and under no circumstances spread or share it further. This could result in criminal offenses.”

Clearly, no one should have the impression that Germany’s mass migration policies are problematic. German globalist leaders want to keep the public in the dark.

Germany [and Europe] should be freaking out about the impending pendulum shift. What will happen to Europe and Europeans when the cat is let out of the bag?

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