Do you understand now that Operation Mockingbird did not really end?

John Podesta, one of the main suspects in the Pizzagate scandal, was actually given his own column in The Washington Post, writing about politics and policies.

How will he give an objective view during former President Trump’s presidancy for example?

John Brennan, head of the CIA up to 2017, now serves as senior analyst for NBC News and MSNBC.

And then, as we have seen, we had Alexander Cooper working for the CIA before he became a journalist with CNN.

The United States Secret Service still decides on what it wants the public to believe. If they want to invade another country, the mainstream media will be used to make the people believe that that particular country needs to be freed of a terrible dictator who kills his own people. The real reason and ulterior motive of the invasion might never be given to the public. Most probably it would have to do with oil, or the installment of yet another Rotschild bank.

But who cares? If it was in the news that these poor people were freed from their dictator, and democracy was bestowed upon them, then it is true.

Well, dear readers, no, it is not. If the media coverage is controlled by Secret Services, it is your duty to focus on the things that the media refuses to cover or that it ridicules. And obviously, you would need to dig a burrow and look elsewhere.

For example, the pizzagate ‘conspiracy theory’ which this site has covered, was debunked by the mainstream media and called yet another ‘conspiracy theory’.

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