“So you’re out here. You’re trying to convey a message to the candidates right now. I think there’s about fifteen of you guys out here. So what would you like to see? What political action would you like to see from the next president?”

“Well, the beginning of a new approach to this conflict, just like in South Africa, it was for many, many years it was given a blank cheque to continue on, and till there was pressure put through the grass roots on the politicians, South Africa had its position as a recognized, distinguished state among the states in the UN and so forth. But then there was a move to change that.

We believe that the existence of the State of Israel is a clear impediment to peace and there is a route, with God’s help, for the dismantlement of this State. It may sound off the wall but if you understand just like South Africa was eventually changed in its entirety or USSR it was changed. This Israel in its continuation, it’s going on a road that just causes death and suffering because even if you put in just simple logic, statistically there’s going to be more Arabs. The further down the road you go, they’re going to be the majority. It has no way that it can exist. And we say according to God, it’s not supposed to exist.

The route is to look for a way out of this quagmire with the end of the actual occupation or a state that’s supposedly from one religion, Jews, supposedly from Jews, which is not. It’s Zionism on the head and shoulders of another. It has to be a free country, the will of we say the indigenous people, let’s say the Palestinians, and as a Jew, we feel we have to be a loyal citizen for to them as we are required to be in the United States – the Jews are required to be loyal citizens in every land they reside.

So that will be the solution and it will come about because it’s a mere sixty odd years this state and Jews have been living for hundreds of years together in peace.”

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