Alan Watt’s predictive poem about what the Elite Corporate Dictators will start with a pandemic

Here is a predictive poem which Alan Watt wrote which mirrors what we have started witnessing with the start of the pandemic of Covid-19:

“Behaviourists authorised to ply their craft
Upon Citizens, gov. collusion truly damning,
Freedom to reason, rationalise, given the shaft,
For a Great Reset, years in the planning

Using professional psychological persuaders
Avoiding study facts recipients should know
Means we’re run by Elite Corporate Dictators,
Fawning democracy is a child’s story show,
Informed consent means reading these studies,
With each vaccination offer to each one of you,
Not crowd techniques “We’re good guys buddies,
Majority accepted so you should too”,

Stigmatizing, shaming, are methods of war
Uniform opinions are created and managed,
Do you know what legal indemnity’s for?
You’re on your own if your health is damaged.”

X (Formerly Twitter)