Weather manipulation: Dr Nick Begich explains how HAARP and other technologies could target the human brain

“The point is these were all like a really nice cluster with one instrument to get a whole lot of bang for the buck in terms of technologies and applications. Many of you remember or may remember a big controversy occurring in Wisconsin Michigan where they had these very long antennas that would generate emf. They were like 13 to 26 miles long and and they create emf signals which were used to communicate with submarines. They had a few of these other stations, one at a tackle asking some other places in the world and they create a lot of controversy because the emf signals were thought to be biologically act, it would affect living organisms, human beings in particular and we’re going to get into that in the second hour of this presentation because I’m going to get to the weather stuff in this first hour as it relates to HAARP but all of that you know, became again interesting from a perspective of science and that thing that we pointed out is we took a look at HAARP and the book that Jeane and I  put together used over 300 source documents to compile everything is footnoted not in the back of the book but on the page so you can read the thing and you can make a determination. Go and look up the source and we did that for a couple of reasons.

One is when you deal with controversial issues, we both felt that it was appropriate for the authors to take some responsibility for the information that we put out there; you know, if you hear a lot in conferences like this and some people don’t take that responsibility very seriously but we do. If we’re asking you to act or do something, we want you to act responsibly. So, we give you that source material if, you’re not scientifically-oriented then at least you have something there, that someone else who can look at and make their own determination. The context in which we pulled the data so, you know, we approach it that way. An answer which kind of turned off publishers because they thought you know it is too technical and no one is going to be interested but again our job was to simplify it enough so we can understand it and have the conversation. This area though became interesting to me because one of my areas of interest in science was and it’s really where it began for me, in terms of human beings, was the idea of enhancing human performance using electromagnetic fields whether it be electromagnetic currents or whether you utilize light, sound, different things to enhance human performance and the idea, most of that is, extremely low frequency signals and what became disturbing to me is the very same signals being generated here could in fact have repercussions for living organisms particularly you and me.

So, I became more concerned at this. Then most of the other applications and I’m going to come back to that so I want to give a little bit more on what happened then in the context of doing this. We had the opportunity to go on radio in the US and I’ve done over 3,000 radio broadcast worldwide in the last 15 years; I’ve been on dozen and dozen documentaries on this subject, in other subjects and at the time the internet wasn’t really very efficient. You know, in the 93, 94, 95, when we were doing our initial work and it was not very reliable either in terms of information so whenever we see something on the internet those days you have to go to the library and do the real work of pulling out documents, see where they were quoted correctly, or whether they even existed. From time to time they didn’t even exist, can’t find the articles of these people we were supposedly quoting from so we became very careful about it. And we considered it one of the first protests run from a phone booth with a fistful of quarters and utilizing what we had then.”

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