33° Mason Manly P. Hall’s lecture: on magnetism, magnetic energy and energy field

Manly P. Hall, 33° Mason (the highest honor conferred by the Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite), author of The Secret Teachings of All Ages, held a mind-blowing lecture on energy manipulation.

“The beginning of the study of magnetism can be traced back to Egypt. Also, we find the Greeks used it, and among the Greeks and early Egyptians, we have the first understanding of the nature of magnetism. It was used principally in healing. It was well known to Pythagoras, who gave us considerable information on the subject which was promptly forgotten by everybody else.

Then we have little knowledge of it, except through the Arabs. The Chinese were aware of it, because of the discovery of the Meredith’s compass. But for the most part it was neglected until the 17th century, when it became involved in the story of Rosicrucianism. The Alchemists, the Rosicrucians and the Hermetists, all were unfolding phases of magnetic theory.

Then we come down a little later and we come upon a curious instrument, Mesmer’s Magnetic Tub.

This was a kind of tank in which many people put their feet at the same time and held hands and created a battery out of the water in the tank. Incidentally, the magnetic theory is based upon a very simple fact, namely, that what we call ’empty air’ is not empty at all. It is the most profoundly used in all the elements that we know anything about. We all live within air and have our meaning being and we know that if air fails, we die. But what we do not realise is that air is not just some oxygen or helium or something of this nature. Air is something in itself. It is a substance of itself. It is a substance so real, and so important, it’s almost impossible to estimate it. It is a tremendous field of magnetic energy.

The atmosphere carries the magnetism of the sun. The study of the magnetic powers of the sun will be more or less clearly understood by the study of the seasons. Winter, summer, spring and these things have all to do with a magnetic factor in the air. And we think of it only in trying to explain it as a physical astronomical phenomena since as the rotation and revolutions of the sun and planets. But, each of these planets is a field of magnetic energy. And this energy comes to us through what we call air. One thing we have learned from television is that air transmits. We know, for instance, that we can have all kinds of programs on the air at the same time and they can come from all directions. And they can overlap and interlap. But each one will remain separately identified, as though it was moving in a channel or circuit of its own. Something went through with vibration. And this vibration, in the magnetic field, can be divided into an infinite complexity of separate emanation. In other words, if we had a thousand different channels, they could be differentiated in the magnetic field so that each one may be broadcast correctly and properly for whatever it is.

Thus, we realise there’s something out there besides air; something beside helium and oxygen; something beside the ordinary factors we take into consideration scientifically. We are in the presence of a mysterious agent, an agent that is part of everything that we are.

Now, studying magnetism as it comes into the human body we discover along with Tilda, that each human body is surrounded by an ethereal of energy field. This energy field is sometimes referred to as an aura but it is not the true aura that we think of in metaphysics. This magnetic field is an area of energy. This area of energy forms an egg-like atmospheric sheath around the physical body, usually extending three to five feet from it in each direction.

This energy field is the basis of virtue. Because this energy field depends for its reality, its service ability and its protecting power, to mood, emotion, thought, and the attitude of the person around which this magnetic field is gathered.”

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