The more one delves into this pizzagate ‘conspiracy theory’, and studying the links, the more it turns out to be a conspiracy fact and that truly it is about the suspicion that the Elites traffick babies and children on a large, global scale, to be raped, tortured, and killed.

What kind of child-friendly and family-friendly pizza restaurant exhibits works of ‘art’ portraying children being raped, tortured with even some portraits showing dead children?

What kind of man then is the owner James Alefantis, to become one of the most powerful people in Washington DC, from running a pizza place?

How come the American political top officials, like the Podestas, Hillary Clinton and the back then president, Obama, wanted to spend time with a pervert like Alefantis?

If we dig deep, and we think of it, it is very strange for such a man to become so powerful, coming from an ordinary family. What about his name and surname? Could it be fake? Could it be that ‘James Alefantis’ stands for ‘J’aime les infants’ [I love children]? Or could he be a Rotschild, one of the most powerful elitist family?

If we study a bit the family tree of the Rotschild, and we start with Evelyn Achille de Rotschild, we get this picture.

Evelyn Achille de Rotschild was born in Buffalo, New York, in 1886, and died in World War I, in 1917.

Two years before he passed away, his illegitimate son Louis George was born. But since he wasn’t married, Louis George inherited his mother’s surname, which is that of Alefantis. Louis George Alefantis grew up and married Helen Rappas, with whom he had two sons, one of whom is Louis Achilles Alefantis, who married Susan Redi Schumaker and had our Comet Ping Pong’s owner, James Achilles Alefantis.

So, his middle name, Achilles, takes him back to his great grandfather and even further back, to his great great grandmother, the Italian Marie de Rotschild-Perugia. And coincidentally, her father’s name was Achille Perugia.

In short, Comet Ping Pong’s owner, James Achilles Alefantis, is a genuine, full-on, Rotschild and this explains his power and his friends. It explains why is he close to the Clintons, here photographed with Evelyn and Lynne de Rotschild, who will be Alefantis’s uncle and aunt:

So, are we to believe and swallow that these political leaders happen to go to a common-looking pizza restaurant with bizarre art, for fun?

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